is proud to introduce a groundbreaking development in the world of social media – IGTV. In line with the ever-evolving digital landscape, Instagram, the popular photo-sharing platform under the Facebook umbrella, has launched IGTV, a dedicated mobile app tailored for creators on its platform.

What sets IGTV apart is its focus on vertical, full-screen videos that start playing as soon as you open the app. This move represents Instagram’s commitment to providing a platform for creators to showcase high-quality, polished content akin to YouTube videos.

During the unveiling event in San Francisco, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom emphasized the need for video content to progress and adapt to changing trends. With an impressive 1 billion monthly users on Instagram, the introduction of IGTV marks a significant shift towards longer-form video content on the platform.

IGTV offers creators the opportunity to share videos exceeding the traditional 60-second limit, with some accounts able to post videos up to an hour long. This strategic move is aimed at attracting well-known personalities and influencers to the platform, challenging YouTube’s dominance in this space.

Accessible both as a standalone app and within the main Instagram interface, IGTV serves as a dedicated space for curated, extended video content, enriching the user experience and opening new avenues for content creators to engage with their audiences.

Instagram has recently launched IGTV, a mobile app dedicated to showcasing content from creators within the platform. This new app focuses on providing a vertical and full-screen viewing experience for users, aiming to offer a unique platform for creators to share longer, more polished videos compared to typical Instagram posts.

Here is a summary of the key points regarding IGTV and its impact on the Instagram community:


  1. What is IGTV?
    IGTV is a standalone mobile app created by Instagram for users to watch and upload long-form videos.

  2. How does IGTV differ from regular Instagram videos?
    IGTV allows for longer video content, running up to 10 minutes for most accounts and up to an hour for selected accounts.

  3. Can IGTV be accessed through the main Instagram app?
    Yes, IGTV content can also be accessed through the main Instagram app, providing users with easy access to longer videos.

  4. How does IGTV aim to attract creators?
    IGTV aims to attract creators by offering a dedicated platform for sharing high-quality, long-form video content, similar to YouTube.

  5. Will there be advertisements on IGTV?
    Currently, IGTV does not feature ads, but the possibility of monetization for creators is being considered for the future.

  6. How does IGTV contribute to Instagram’s video strategy?
    IGTV is part of Instagram’s broader video strategy, providing a platform for showcasing professional video content and engaging a wider audience.

  7. How does IGTV address content moderation?
    IGTV plans to increase its team of content moderators to ensure that the platform maintains a safe and positive environment for users.

  8. How does IGTV compare to Facebook’s video initiatives?
    IGTV complements Facebook’s other video initiatives, such as Facebook Live and Watch, by focusing on longer, more curated video content.

  9. What features set IGTV apart from other video platforms?
    IGTV’s emphasis on vertical, full-screen videos and longer content distinguishes it from traditional video platforms.

  10. How does IGTV align with Instagram’s overall vision?
    IGTV aligns with Instagram’s vision of providing innovative and engaging content experiences for its users, further establishing its position in the video space.

  11. How can creators benefit from IGTV?
    Creators can benefit from IGTV by reaching a wider audience, exploring new creative opportunities, and potentially monetizing their content in the future.

  12. How does IGTV reflect current trends in digital video consumption?
    IGTV responds to the growing trend of consuming digital video content, offering a unique platform for creators and users to connect through longer, more immersive videos.


IGTV represents Instagram’s latest venture into the realm of long-form video content, providing creators with a new platform to showcase their talent and engage with their audience. By offering a user-friendly interface, longer video durations, and a potential for monetization in the future, IGTV aims to revolutionize the way users interact with video content on social media.

As Instagram continues to evolve its video strategy and cater to the needs of its diverse user base, IGTV stands out as a key feature that captures the essence of creativity and storytelling. For creators looking to expand their reach and connect with a global community, IGTV offers a unique opportunity to share their content in a compelling and immersive format.

To experience the exciting world of IGTV and explore the diverse range of content available, visit the official Instagram website and discover a new era of video entertainment. Join us in embracing the future of social media video content with IGTV.