Apple and Samsung Electronics are engaged in a legal dispute that has now reached Europe. Apple has recently obtained a preliminary injunction in Europe, prohibiting the sale of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 in almost all European Union countries. This move has significant implications for the tech industry, as it underscores the ongoing tensions between these two tech giants.


  1. What is the latest legal development between Apple and Samsung in Europe?

    • Apple has secured a preliminary injunction banning the sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in most European Union nations.
  2. On what grounds did Apple request the ban on the Galaxy Tab?

    • Apple alleges that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab infringes on technology used in the iPad.
  3. What actions is Apple taking against Samsung in Germany?

    • Apple is seeking a $350,000 fine per violation or imprisonment for Samsung management.
  4. Why is this legal battle significant in the tech industry?

    • The conflict reflects the broader rivalry between Apple and Android’s key supporters.
  5. How has Samsung responded to the injunction?

    • Samsung expressed disappointment and vowed to defend its intellectual property rights.
  6. What is the impact of the ban on Samsung’s mobile communications devices in Europe?

    • Samsung is taking immediate action to safeguard its innovative products for customers in Europe and worldwide.
  7. How does Apple view Samsung’s products in relation to its own?

    • Apple believes Samsung’s products bear striking similarities to the iPhone and iPad, accusing Samsung of blatant copying.
  8. What are the similarities between the legal battle in Europe and Australia?

    • Just as in Europe, Apple has also sought to halt the sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia.
  9. What is the status of Apple and Samsung’s legal disputes in the U.S.?

    • Both companies have multiple complaints and lawsuits against each other in U.S. courts and at the International Trade Commission.
  10. How does Samsung’s Galaxy Tab compare to Apple’s iPad in the market?

    • Samsung’s Galaxy Tab offers a thinner and lighter alternative to Apple’s iPad at a comparable price point.
  11. What are the potential implications of this legal battle on future tech developments?

    • The outcome could shape the competitive landscape and intellectual property protection within the industry.
  12. Who contributed to the original reporting of this development?

    • CNET News staff writer Josh Lowensohn provided additional insights.


The legal clash between Apple and Samsung has intensified in Europe, with Apple securing a preliminary injunction against Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 in most EU countries. This move stems from Apple’s claims that Samsung has infringed on its technology, sparking a broader conflict within the tech industry. Samsung has expressed disappointment and is vigorously defending its intellectual property rights amidst the legal proceedings. The implications of this battle extend beyond Europe, with similar disputes in Australia and the U.S. shaping the competitive dynamics between the two tech giants. As consumers observe these developments, the future of mobile technology innovation and competition hangs in the balance. For the latest updates and insights on this ongoing legal saga, stay tuned to our website for more information.