In the tech landscape of 2017, a new era is dawning for smartphone cameras. While virtual reality took center stage in 2016, augmented reality (AR) is stepping into the spotlight with its transformative capabilities. Unlike VR which requires headsets, AR seamlessly integrates into your daily life using just your phone – a concept that gained massive popularity through games like Pokemon Go.

Enter Google’s Tango technology, making waves with the release of the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro towards the end of the year. This innovative camera system revolutionizes depth sensing in 3D space without the need for additional gear. Although some may overlook the Phab 2 Pro due to certain limitations, such as an older Android version and its bulky design, it marks a significant milestone as one of the pioneering Tango-enabled devices available to consumers.

Exploring this cutting-edge technology unveils a glimpse into what lies ahead for smartphones in terms of immersive experiences and creative possibilities. As we delve deeper into AR’s potential impact on everyday life, let’s unravel why Google’s Tango heralds a promising future for mobile devices across all spectrums.
Lenovo’s Phab 2 Pro: Exploring the First Tango Phone

Dive into a revolutionary mobile experience with Lenovo’s Phab 2 Pro, the pioneering Tango phone that pushes the boundaries of augmented reality technology. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or simply curious about cutting-edge innovation, this device offers a glimpse into the future of smartphone capabilities.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Immersive AR Capabilities: The Phab 2 Pro harnesses Google’s Tango technology to deliver an immersive augmented reality experience. From interactive gaming to practical applications like interior design visualization, the possibilities are endless.

  • Impressive Camera System: Equipped with a sophisticated camera system, including depth-sensing lenses and motion tracking sensors, this phone enables advanced AR functionalities with remarkable precision.

  • Sleek Design: Despite its powerful features, the Phab 2 Pro maintains a sleek and modern design that is both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to hold.

Unlocking New Possibilities

By integrating Tango technology into everyday smartphone usage, Lenovo opens up new avenues for creativity, productivity, and entertainment. Whether you’re exploring virtual landscapes or enhancing your shopping experience through AR overlays, the Phab 2 Pro seamlessly blends digital elements with real-world environments.

Experience Innovation Firsthand

With Lenovo’s Phab 2 Pro in hand, prepare to embark on a journey where imagination meets reality. Discover how augmented reality can enrich your daily life and redefine your interactions with technology.

Embark on an Augmented Reality Adventure

The Lenovo Phab 2 Pro stands at the forefront of technological innovation by bringing advanced AR capabilities to your fingertips. Explore new dimensions of creativity and functionality as you delve into the exciting world of augmented reality through this groundbreaking device.

Enhancing Your Reality with Depth Sensing Cameras

Have you ever wondered how virtual objects seamlessly integrate into the real world? It’s all thanks to the fascinating technology of depth sensing cameras. These innovative devices, equipped with an infrared camera, wide-angle camera, and RGB camera, work together to not only track your surroundings but also create detailed 3D maps and detect object boundaries.

Imagine using a virtual shopping application like the one offered by Lowe’s. You have the ability to place a lamp on your floor, add an end table next to it, and even include a cozy armchair in your digital space. The magic begins when these virtual items stay precisely where you put them as you move around them – creating an incredibly immersive experience.


In essence, these depth sensing cameras bring forth a new dimension of interaction with virtual elements. While standard phone cameras can offer similar features, they may lack the consistency in maintaining objects’ spatial presence over time.

Key Takeaways:
– Depth sensing cameras utilize advanced technologies such as infrared sensors and RGB imaging for precise environmental mapping.
– Virtual reality applications like those in retail settings enhance user engagement by enabling realistic placement of digital objects in physical spaces.

If you’re intrigued by the possibilities that depth sensing cameras unlock in blending virtuality with reality, explore further applications and experiences that leverage this cutting-edge technology. Embrace a future where interactions between what’s tangible and what’s digital seamlessly merge to redefine our perceptions of the world around us.

Exploring AR Capabilities with Depth Sensing

Augmented Reality (AR) empowered by depth sensing technology opens up a world of possibilities, particularly with whole-room 3D scanning. One fascinating application of this technology is the ability to capture an entire room in three dimensions. Imagine slowly scanning your surroundings, akin to painting the world with myriad colored dots using an app like Matterport.

While this process may be time-consuming and require ample storage space, the end result is truly impressive. Upon completion, you’ll have at your disposal a fuzzy yet detailed 3D model of spaces like your office, public transportation compartments such as NJ Transit trains, or even your bedroom.

The interactive features allow you to rotate the model and zoom in on specific details effortlessly. Moreover, there’s a built-in tool for measuring distances within these scanned environments accurately. The seamless integration of scanned details enables AR technologies like Tango to map out larger areas cohesively.

Intriguingly, Google has expressed interest in leveraging similar concepts to develop immersive 3D indoor maps for various applications.


This technology showcases remarkable capabilities; however, it’s essential to manage expectations realistically—while AR can transport us into new realms digitally, physically interacting with virtual objects remains beyond its current scope.

Tips for Optimizing Distance in Tango and AR Cameras

When using Tango technology or similar AR cameras, understanding the ideal distance is crucial for accurate measurements. Think of it like working with a specialized miniaturized Xbox Kinect on your phone – getting too close or too far can impact its functionality.

These devices have specific sensing capabilities that work best within certain distances. For instance, distant objects may not be measured accurately, and tracking typically begins when an object is at least a foot or two away. Moreover, adequate lighting is essential for optimal performance.

Analogous to Apple’s dual-camera Portrait mode restrictions on the iPhone 7 Plus, proper alignment of shots is key for quality results. This precision may become a hallmark feature of future advanced 3D AR camera systems.


The Art of Measuring with Precision

  • Effective Measurements: When used correctly, these technologies excel at measuring objects accurately.
  • Challenges to Navigate: However, mastering their full potential can pose some difficulties initially.

In conclusion, while utilizing such devices involves a learning curve in terms of distance management and light conditions adjustment, they offer immense possibilities once you grasp their intricacies.

Understanding Augmented Reality Apps

When delving into the world of Tango AR apps, you may encounter some challenges with their interfaces. It’s not uncommon to find them less intuitive than expected. This issue doesn’t just point towards poor design; it also highlights the complexities of conveying the benefits of a depth-sensing 3D camera in relation to camera functionalities.

For instance, let’s take Lenovo’s Measure app as an example. This app ingeniously transforms your device into a virtual measuring tape for your surroundings. However, navigating this feature initially might require some patience and exploration to grasp how to commence and conclude measurements effectively. The core obstacle lies in bridging the gap between exploring intricate 3D elements on a conventional 2D screen using touch controls.

Innovations within these apps are steering towards immersive 3D experiences leveraging standard 2D display technologies and user-friendly touch interfaces.

Understanding the Distinction Between Depth-sensing AR and Everyday Phone Apps

Many individuals who have experienced Tango technology often find it intriguing yet somewhat familiar. Witnessing a virtual dog playfully interacting in your living room or observing a quirky gorilla dancing in the corner may evoke initial charm. Additionally, seeing virtual dominoes scattered on your floor can be entertaining. However, these experiences might not immediately stand out as significantly different from what we encounter on our regular smartphones.

We are accustomed to delightful features like spotting a Pokemon resting on our garden lawn or amusing ourselves with Snapchat’s creative lens filters that can modify our appearance seamlessly. The popularity of apps such as Pokemon Go and Snapchat has set a high standard for user engagement and enjoyment. Consequently, many individuals struggle to discern why depth-sensing augmented reality (AR) on specialized devices offers a superior experience compared to conventional phone applications.

The enhanced capability of tracking virtual objects precisely within real-world environments often goes unnoticed by users more attuned to mainstream app offerings. This oversight presents an inherent challenge in conveying the distinct advantages that dedicated depth-sensing AR technologies bring to immersive digital interactions.

Top Use Cases: Room-Scanning and Home Improvement

Among the most impactful applications of this technology are in room-scanning and home improvement. These functionalities often elicit great excitement from users due to their practicality. One particularly useful feature is the ability to place accurately scaled furniture within a room for visualization purposes, allowing users to experiment with different layouts, try out various decor options like hanging a picture or changing the carpet.

  • Enhance interior design projects by visualizing how furniture fits into a space
  • Troubleshoot layout challenges before making physical changes
  • Plan home renovations more effectively by virtually testing different design elements


The Occipital Bridge introduces Tango-like capabilities to iPhones through a plug-in camera sensor, expanding the range of functions available on these devices.

In conclusion, utilizing augmented reality for tasks such as room-scanning and home improvement can significantly enhance efficiency in interior design projects, aid in troubleshooting layout challenges beforehand, and enable more effective planning of home renovations through virtual experimentation with diverse design elements.

Anticipating Future Technological Advancements in Smartphones

In the near future, many smartphones are expected to incorporate cutting-edge technology similar to what is currently available. Motorola has hinted at the possibility of introducing Tango swappable modules for its Moto Z phones down the line. Furthermore, advancements in depth-sensing capabilities are on the horizon for other devices.

Intel’s Realsense cameras are likely to be integrated into a variety of gadgets, expanding the accessibility of such features beyond current limitations. Additionally, Microsoft is developing a 3D-scanning app tailored for Windows 10 that will enable users to engage in similar functionalities on conventional smartphones.

Notably, companies like Occipital specialize in producing separate add-on depth-sensing cameras such as Structure for iPhones. This trend indicates a shift towards enhancing smartphone capabilities through external attachments. With the continuous evolution of computer vision technology, augmented reality experiences on mobile devices will become more sophisticated and widespread.

google-tango-lenovo-1905-001.jpgVirtual reality has become quite familiar to many in 2016 – you put on a headset and are transported into 3D worlds. However, augmented reality (AR) still remains somewhat mysterious to some. Augmented reality allows you to interact with virtual objects overlaid onto your real-world environment without the need for a headset; your phone can serve as the window into this digital overlay. A prime example of AR’s potential was showcased through Pokemon Go, which took the world by storm in the summer of 2016.

To shed light on Google’s Tango technology and its significance, let’s explore its innovative features that set it apart from traditional smartphone cameras. Tango, introduced via Lenovo Phab 2 Pro, boasts next-generation camera technology that enables depth sensing in three dimensions. Despite certain drawbacks like an outdated Android version and bulkiness hindering wider adoption, Tango marks a significant leap forward in integrating AR capabilities into everyday devices such as smartphones.

With Tango’s advanced depth-sensing cameras comprising infrared, wide-angle, and RGB sensors, users can place virtual objects accurately within their physical surroundings creating immersive experiences akin to “whole-room” scanning or trying out furniture placements virtually before making real changes at home. These functionalities showcase the vast potential of AR technology beyond mere entertainment value.

While Tango presents exciting possibilities for transforming how we interact with our surroundings using our smartphones’ cameras, challenges persist in user interface design and app usability. The future holds promise for more widespread integration of depth-sensing technologies across various smartphone brands beyond Lenovo—ushering in an era where augmented reality seamlessly blends with our daily lives.

As we anticipate further advancements in AR-enabled devices and applications rolling out across diverse tech ecosystems like Apple’s iOS or Samsung’s Galaxy series, one thing is clear: enriching user experiences through innovative camera technologies is just the beginning of what lies ahead for mobile device evolution.


  1. What distinguishes augmented reality (AR) from virtual reality (VR)?
    Augmented reality overlays virtual elements onto the real world without necessitating a headset.

  2. How does Google’s Tango differ from conventional smartphone cameras?
    Tango integrates advanced depth-sensing features that enable precise placement of virtual objects within physical spaces.

  3. Can I experience AR without special headsets using my phone?
    Yes! Technologies like Google’s Tango leverage your phone’s existing hardware to deliver augmented reality experiences.

  4. What are some practical use cases of AR technology like Google’s Tango?
    Applications range from whole-room scanning to visualizing home improvements before implementation.

  5. Are there limitations users should be aware of when using AR apps powered by depth-sensing cameras?
    Factors such as distance constraints and lighting conditions might affect the performance accuracy of these apps,

6 .*Will other cellphone manufacturers adopt similar technologies found on Lenovo Phab 2 Pro? *
There are speculations suggesting other companies may integrate comparable features into future smartphone models.

7 .** How do software advancements play a role in enhancing augmented-reality experiences?
Continuous innovations will lead to improved functionality provided by both software updates aimed at optimizing existing capabilities

8 .** What considerations should consumers keep mind regarding adopting new technological advances?
While embracing new technologies is exciting ensure they align with personal preferences & required functionalities

9 .**How will advancements in augmenting photography influence social media platforms’ development strategy?
Integrating enhanced photography could improve engagement strategies driving content-focused interactions

10 .** Are there any security concerns associated with implementing cutting-edge imaging technologies?

11 .* Can businesses tap into emerging trends leveraging enriched data-capturing solutions offered by evolving photographic tools?

12 .* Will consistent consumer demand stimulate market growth facilitating competitive engagements amongst industry players aiming loyalty retention


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