Huawei’s Launch of Direct-to-Consumer Website

In a bid to increase its presence in the US market, Chinese tech giant Huawei has recently launched This move signifies Huawei’s determination to establish a direct connection with American consumers and showcase its flagship product, the Ascend Mate 2 4G LTE smartphone/tablet hybrid, also known as a phablet.

Here are some common questions about this development:


Q1: What is the purpose of
A1: serves as an online platform for US consumers to purchase Huawei products directly from the company.

Q2: Can customers buy the Ascend Mate 2 unlocked on the website?
A2: Yes, customers have the option to purchase the 6.1-inch phone unlocked or opt for a plan through wireless reseller Net 10 operating on AT&T and T-Mobile networks.

Q3: Why did Huawei decide to launch
A3: Huawei aims to raise brand awareness and promote its higher-end smartphones in the US where it has been relatively unknown despite being one of the world’s leading smartphone vendors by market share.

Q4: Is selling directly to consumers a new strategy for Huawei?
A4: While selling directly may not have yielded substantial results in past ventures, Huawei sees it as a way to build credibility and word-of-mouth promotion for its premium devices.

Q5: How does Huwaei address concerns about ties to the Chinese government?
A5: Despite allegations regarding its networking equipment, which led to bans in certain countries, including the US and UK, no such issues have impacted Huwaei’s mobile device business.


With aspirations of making waves in the competitive US market, Huawei has taken a bold step by launching By providing direct access for consumers to their high-quality products like the Ascend Mate 2 4G LTE at affordable prices – setting it initially at $299 with promotional offers – Huawei is striving towards enhancing brand visibility and consumer recognition. Through strategic marketing initiatives including social media teasers and potential traditional campaigns ahead, they aim not just at sales but building long-term relationships with customers. 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