Are you curious about how to enhance inclusivity on your Zoom profile? Integrating personal pronouns into your display name is a small yet impactful step towards creating a more welcoming environment for individuals across the gender spectrum. Embracing this practice can help prevent assumptions about someone’s gender identity solely based on their appearance. Leading the charge in this movement, tech companies like Google, Twitter, and LinkedIn have championed the cause of personal pronoun usage.

Zoom, a frontrunner in facilitating virtual interactions, has streamlined the process of incorporating personal pronouns into your profile. Whether you wish to display your pronouns consistently for all meetings or selectively for specific ones, Zoom offers you the flexibility to do so effortlessly. Furthermore, you can even add or modify your pronouns post joining a meeting, ensuring that your preferences are always accurately represented.

Ready to take this progressive step on Zoom? Let’s delve into the straightforward method of adding or updating your personal pronouns. Remember to explore our comprehensive Zoom usage tips for an enriched virtual conferencing experience.Adding your pronouns to your Zoom account can be a valuable way to express your identity in virtual settings. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to permanently display your pronouns on Zoom, whether you are accessing it via the web portal or the Zoom app.

Adding Pronouns on the Web Portal:

  1. Begin by logging into the Zoom web portal using your preferred method, such as SSO, Google, Facebook, or Zoom account.
  2. Navigate to the “Profile” section.
  3. Click on “Edit” located in the top right corner next to your name.
  4. Look for the “Pronouns” field under “Display name” and input your pronouns (e.g., she/her).
  5. Opt for how you wish to share your pronouns – either automatically or upon entering a meeting.
  6. Remember to click on “Save changes” to confirm your settings.

Adding Pronouns on the Zoom App:

  1. Launch the Zoom app and locate your initials at the top-right corner. Access the “Settings” from there.
  2. Proceed to “Profile” and select “Edit My Profile.” This will redirect you to your profile on the web portal, where you can continue the process.
  3. Click on “Edit” next to your name in the top right corner.
  4. Find the “Pronouns” field under “Display name” and input your pronouns.
  5. Choose your preferred sharing setting for pronouns – either for every meeting or upon request.
  6. Save your changes by clicking on “Save changes.”

By following these steps, your preferred pronouns will be displayed according to your settings during all your Zoom interactions, ensuring others address you respectfully and accurately.Across various online platforms like Zoom, Instagram, and Facebook, the trend of adding personal pronouns to user names has gained popularity. This practice is aimed at creating more inclusive spaces for individuals who identify as transgender, gender-nonconforming, or gender-nonbinary. According to the educational organization GLSEN, adding pronouns helps to avoid assumptions about someone’s gender identity based on their appearance.

Several tech companies, including Google, Twitter, and LinkedIn, have embraced the importance of including pronouns and avoiding binary gender expressions. Zoom, for instance, has streamlined the process by incorporating a dedicated pronoun field in user profile settings, making it easy for individuals to share their preferred pronouns.

Interested in learning more about adding pronouns on Zoom? Here are some common questions and answers to guide you through the process:


  1. Why is adding pronouns important on online platforms like Zoom?
    Adding pronouns helps create a more inclusive environment by respecting and acknowledging individuals’ gender identities without assumptions.

  2. How can I add my pronouns to my Zoom account permanently?
    You can add your pronouns through the Zoom web portal by signing in, clicking on Profile, editing your Display name, and saving your changes.

  3. Can I choose when to display my pronouns on Zoom?
    Yes, Zoom allows you to select whether you want to display your pronouns for all meetings or only when asked after joining a meeting.

  4. What if I want to add or change my pronouns during a Zoom meeting?
    Simply click on Participants, hover over your name, select More, choose Rename, add your pronouns in parentheses after your name, and click OK.

  5. Where can I find additional tips for using Zoom effectively?
    For more helpful tips on using Zoom, you can explore resources on combating Zoom anxiety and selecting the best gear for online meetings and video chats.


In conclusion, embracing the practice of adding pronouns on online platforms like Zoom contributes to fostering a more inclusive and respectful digital community. By following simple steps within your Zoom account settings, you can easily share your preferred pronouns and contribute to a more welcoming online environment for individuals of all gender identities. Take the initiative to update your pronouns on Zoom today and promote inclusivity in virtual interactions.

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