Much like how a simple symbol can become synonymous with a brand, the pink mustache known as the “Carstache” has evolved into a recognizable emblem for a particular peer-to-peer service. This unique adornment has spurred a sense of community among drivers who have personalized their vehicles with creative variations like the DiscoLyft, complete with LED mustaches to match the driver’s festive theme. The distinctive pink mustache has not only become a symbol but also a source of inspiration, encouraging a collaborative effort to shape the service’s identity and customer experience.


  1. What inspired the concept of the pink mustache for Lyft?
    The pink mustache was conceived as a way to humanize Lyft and bring a touch of delight to people’s lives.

  2. Why did Lyft opt for a pink color for their mustaches?
    The choice of pink may have originated from a previous plan for Lyft to cater exclusively to women, and the founders found humor in using a traditionally masculine symbol in a lighthearted manner.

  3. How has the pink mustache impacted Lyft’s branding?
    While the pink mustache is a defining element of Lyft’s culture, the company aims to use it judiciously to maintain a balance between fun and brand identity.

  4. Who is credited with the invention of the Carstache?
    Ethan Eyler, the creator of Carstache, joined Lyft as an “Inventor” after his quirky idea gained popularity.

  5. How is Lyft’s pink mustache evolving to withstand different weather conditions?
    Innovations are underway to enhance the durability of the pink mustache, exploring alternative materials for weather resistance.

  6. How has Lyft’s pink mustache sparked competition within the transportation industry?
    Rivalry in the industry, such as the “Shave the Stache” campaign by Uber, reflects the impact and recognition the pink mustache has garnered for Lyft.

  7. What promotional tools has Lyft developed based on the pink mustache concept?
    Lyft has created promotional kits inspired by the mustache theme, including a mustache-making set for drivers.

  8. How has the pink mustache contributed to Lyft’s growth and expansion?
    The iconic pink mustache has played a role in building a loyal community of drivers and riders, aiding Lyft’s rapid expansion to multiple cities.

  9. What sets Lyft apart from other ride-sharing services through its branding approach?
    Lyft’s unconventional branding strategy, exemplified by the pink mustache, distinguishes it as a disruptor in the transportation industry.

  10. How does Lyft address criticisms and concerns related to its pink mustache branding?
    Lyft acknowledges potential drawbacks of overusing the pink mustache and strives to maintain a balance between brand recognition and practicality.

  11. What significance does the pink mustache hold for Lyft’s community of drivers?
    The pink mustache has become a cherished symbol among Lyft drivers, fostering a sense of camaraderie and loyalty within the community.

  12. How has the pink mustache contributed to Lyft’s overall brand image and reputation?
    Despite being a playful embellishment, the pink mustache has become integral to Lyft’s identity, fueling conversations and driving the company’s growth.


Lyft’s iconic pink mustache, the “Carstache,” has transcended mere decoration to symbolize the company’s ethos of community and creativity. From its humble origins to becoming a cultural phenomenon, the pink mustache embodies Lyft’s commitment to humanizing the ride-sharing experience. As Lyft continues to innovate and expand its services, the pink mustache remains a lighthearted yet powerful emblem of the brand’s disruptive presence in the transportation industry. Embrace the spirit of Lyft’s pink mustache and join the journey towards a more connected and vibrant transportation landscape. Visit our website for more information and be part of the Lyft community today.