The Sony Ericsson Idou and W995 Walkman are definitely eye-catching, but let’s not overlook the other new handsets showcased at the GSMA World Congress. Among them are the C903 Cyber-shot and W395 Walkman, which made their debut before the event kicked off. Just to jog your memory, the C903 boasts a 5-megapixel camera while the W395 is a more budget-friendly Walkman phone.

Taking a closer look at the C903, this sleek slider phone has a distinctive angular design, complemented by rounded corners. It feels sturdy in hand, with a slider mechanism that exudes quality. Available in three colors, the glamor red option stood out for its elegance. The 2.4-inch display lives up to Sony Ericsson’s reputation, offering vibrant colors and sharp visuals. Navigating the menu is a breeze thanks to the intuitive icon-based interface. One neat feature is the display’s auto-rotation based on the phone’s orientation.

When it comes to the button layout, squares take precedence over circles on the C903. The keypad may not have wowed us with its slightly plastic feel, but usability was decent during our brief hands-on time. However, the long-term durability remains a question mark, warranting a more thorough assessment in a comprehensive review. The camera, located next to the flash on the rear side, is easily accessible by opening the cover.

Shifting focus to the W395 Walkman, its design echoes familiar Walkman phone aesthetics. The vibrant 2-inch display and unchanged Walkman player interface maintain the brand’s identity. While orange accents are used sparingly, notably in the Walkman logo and toggle ring, the overall look is in line with previous Walkman models.

The circular navigation array on the W395 includes tactile buttons that double up as music controls for added convenience. Similar to the C903, the keypad on the W395 raises concerns with its plastic keys, known to be slippery. Given past issues with Sony Ericsson keypads, durability is a key aspect to monitor closely.

As we eagerly await the opportunity for an in-depth review of both phones, stay tuned for our upcoming coverage, including a detailed evaluation of their performance and features. In the meantime, don’t miss out on our photo gallery showcasing the C903 and W395 models for a closer look.