Google’s Lookout app has introduced a new update leveraging AI technology to enhance image descriptions for users with visual impairments. This update allows users to upload images and receive more detailed descriptions, even if the images lack captions or alt text. Furthermore, users can now ask follow-up questions about images using text or voice commands, enabling a more interactive experience and deeper understanding of the content.


  1. What is the primary function of Google’s Lookout app?
    Google’s Lookout app is designed to assist individuals who are blind or have low vision in identifying objects and reading documents.

  2. How does the new AI feature improve image descriptions on Lookout?
    The AI technology on Lookout provides more precise image descriptions, even without captions or alt text, offering users a better understanding of the visual content.

  3. Can users ask questions about images on Lookout?
    Yes, users can ask follow-up questions about images by typing or using their voice, which helps in obtaining more details about the content.

  4. In what scenarios can the Image Q&A feature be used?
    The Image Q&A feature on Lookout can be utilized on social media photos without alt text, images in group chats, or pictures from one’s camera roll.

  5. Which languages are currently supported by Lookout, and are there any plans for expansion?
    Lookout currently supports 34 languages, including English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. There are plans to launch globally in more languages in the future.

  6. What other accessibility features has Google introduced besides Lookout?
    In addition to Lookout, Google has released other accessibility features like Project Relate, Live Transcribe, Sound Notifications, and specific features for Pixel phones to enhance digital accessibility.


Google’s Lookout app has made significant strides in improving accessibility for individuals with visual impairments through its latest AI-powered update. By offering more detailed image descriptions and enabling users to ask questions about visual content, Lookout enhances the overall user experience and inclusivity. With plans for global expansion and continuous improvements in accessibility features, Google remains committed to making digital content more accessible to all users. To explore these features and enhance your digital accessibility experience, visit the official website for Google’s Lookout app today.