Family Link, Google’s service designed to provide kids with their own Android phones while allowing parental oversight, has now been made accessible to all residents in the US. Initially introduced in March as an exclusive service, Family Link granted children aged 12 and under access to Gmail accounts and other Google services. Google recently announced that Family Link is now open to all users in the US.


  1. What is Google Family Link?
    Google Family Link is a service by Google that allows parents to set up Android phones for their children with certain restrictions and monitoring capabilities.

  2. How does Family Link work?
    Family Link lets parents control their kids’ phone usage, such as setting daily limits, approving app installations, and establishing bedtime restrictions.

  3. What features does Google Family Link offer?
    Google Family Link enables parents to track their child’s location, remotely lock or ring the phone, and manage various aspects of phone usage.

  4. What age group does Google Family Link cater to?
    Family Link is designed for children aged 12 and under, providing a platform for parents to manage their kids’ digital activities.

  5. Can kids override the controls set by parents on Family Link?
    Once children reach the age of 13, they gain control of their accounts, transitioning to regular Google accounts with autonomy over their usage.

  6. How does Family Link address privacy concerns and regulations like COPPA?
    Google adheres to legal constraints, such as COPPA, to ensure compliance with privacy regulations while offering a service tailored for families and children.

  7. Are there plans to expand Google Family Link beyond the US?
    Google aims to extend the reach of Family Link globally, subject to varying regulations and laws pertaining to children’s online services.

  8. What are the device requirements for using Google Family Link?
    Parents are required to set up accounts for their children on Android phones running Android 7.0 or later to utilize Google Family Link effectively.

  9. How does Google Family Link assist in managing digital ground rules for families?
    Family Link provides tools for parents to establish and enforce digital boundaries suitable for their families, facilitating a balance between supervision and independence.

  10. What recent updates have been introduced to Google Family Link?
    Enhancements include expanded app-usage insights, broader device compatibility, and additional resources for addressing sensitive topics like cyberbullying.

  11. Can parents monitor their child’s physical location with Google Family Link?
    Google Family Link offers optional features for tracking a child’s location and managing other aspects of their digital interaction.

  12. How does Google support users with existing Google accounts interested in joining Family Link?
    Google is working on solutions to assist individuals with existing Google accounts in transitioning to Family Link, demonstrating their commitment to addressing user needs effectively.

Google Family Link is a valuable tool for parents seeking to manage their children’s digital experiences responsibly. By offering a range of features such as app monitoring, location tracking, and usage limits, Family Link empowers parents to guide their kids’ online behavior effectively. Google’s commitment to user privacy and compliance with regulatory standards like COPPA ensures a secure and trustworthy platform for families. With ongoing enhancements and global expansion plans on the horizon, Google Family Link stands as a pioneering solution for families navigating the complexities of children’s digital engagement. Take charge of your child’s digital journey today with Google Family Link.

For more information and to start using Google Family Link, visit the official website for a seamless setup process and begin fostering a healthy digital environment for your family.