T-Mobile USA is gearing up to introduce the latest HTC Android phone to a select group of customers as early as mid-September, as per insights shared by TmoNews. Amid swirling speculations about potential delays pushing Android phone releases into 2009, TmoNews has affirmed through a trustworthy source that the HTC-manufactured Android device will hit the shelves through T-Mobile USA on September 17.

The anticipated price point for this new device is set at $399 for the full retail version, with a subsidized option available at around $150 for customers committing to a two-year contract. Initially, the phone will be exclusively accessible to existing T-Mobile customers during a presale period, with availability expanding to other customers in early October.

Referred to as the HTC Dream in various tech circles, the phone is expected to boast 3G capabilities. A preview video on YouTube showcases its features such as a touch screen, a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, and a 3-megapixel camera. Noteworthy integration of Google software and services like Gmail is anticipated, with reports asserting that a Gmail account will be a prerequisite for activating the device.

While details regarding the pricing of the accompanying 3G data plan remain undisclosed, industry speculations hint that a higher-tier data plan may be mandated by T-Mobile for optimal functioning of the new device.

Despite declining to comment on the release rumors, T-Mobile has previously committed to introducing an Android phone by year-end. However, concerns linger regarding T-Mobile’s 3G service rollout, which currently lags behind competitors and is limited to select markets like New York and Las Vegas. Efforts are underway to expand 3G coverage to 20 to 25 cities by year-end, with continued expansion slated for 2009.

Beyond the phone’s capabilities, T-Mobile offers innovative features that may resonate with customers. The HotSpot @Home service facilitates seamless transitioning between cellular and Wi-Fi networks for enhanced speeds and indoor coverage. Additionally, T-Mobile provides a $10 monthly voice over IP service for HotSpot @Home subscribers, adding value to the service package.

In a bid to enhance its offerings further, T-Mobile is reportedly preparing to launch an open development platform encompassing all its phone technologies. This move aims to replace T-Mobile’s conventional service menu with a more inclusive platform open to developers, reminiscent of the Apple App Store model.

Despite these strides, T-Mobile acknowledges the distance it needs to cover to catch up with competitors. As of the second quarter of 2008, T-Mobile boasted 31.5 million subscribers, placing it behind major rivals like AT&T with 72.9 million subscribers and Verizon Wireless with 68.7 million subscribers. Sprint Nextel, despite losing subscribers, still maintains a sizable subscriber base of approximately 51.9 million.


  1. When is T-Mobile USA planning to release the new HTC Android phone?
    T-Mobile USA is expected to launch the HTC Android phone on September 17, with presale offers for existing customers.

  2. What is the price range for the new HTC Android phone?
    The full retail price for the HTC Android phone is set at $399, with a subsidized option available at about $150 for customers committing to a two-year contract.

  3. What are some key features of the HTC Dream, as it’s referred to in tech circles?
    The HTC Dream is anticipated to feature 3G capabilities, a touch screen, a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, a 3-megapixel camera, and tight integration with Google services like Gmail.

  4. Will a Gmail account be required to activate the new HTC Android phone?
    Yes, reports suggest that a Gmail account will be necessary to set up service for the new device.

  5. What is T-Mobile’s stance on the 3G data plan required for the HTC Android phone?
    While specific details on the cost of the plan are yet to be disclosed, it’s speculated that T-Mobile may mandate a pricier 3G data plan for optimal device performance.

  6. How does T-Mobile aim to differentiate its services for customers?
    T-Mobile offers innovative services like HotSpot @Home, enabling seamless network transitioning and a $10 monthly voice over IP service for enhanced connectivity.

  7. What new development platform is T-Mobile planning to launch?
    T-Mobile is reportedly gearing up to introduce an open development platform for its phone technologies, akin to the Apple App Store model, promoting collaboration with external developers.

  8. How does T-Mobile plan to expand its 3G coverage in the coming months?
    T-Mobile aims to extend its 3G coverage to 20 to 25 cities by year-end, with further expansion efforts slated for 2009.

  9. How does T-Mobile’s subscriber base compare to its competitors?
    As of the second quarter of 2008, T-Mobile had 31.5 million subscribers, positioning it behind industry giants like AT&T and Verizon Wireless.

  10. What are some of the challenges T-Mobile faces in the market?
    T-Mobile faces challenges in catching up with competitors in terms of subscriber base and 3G service coverage expansion, despite its innovative offerings.

T-Mobile USA is primed to unveil the HTC Android phone in September, catering to a select customer base initially. Priced at $399 for the full retail variant and around $150 for subsidized models, the device is set to offer advanced features like 3G capabilities, a touch screen, and a QWERTY keyboard. Integration with Google services underscores the phone’s tech savvy, with reports indicating the necessity of a Gmail account for activation.

While T-Mobile positions itself for growth with innovative services like HotSpot @Home and plans for an open development platform, challenges persist in scaling up its subscriber base and advancing 3G network coverage. As the industry evolves, T-Mobile strives to carve a niche among competitors through a blend of cutting-edge technology and customer-centric offerings, setting the stage for a dynamic market presence.

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