Google has recently introduced a range of productivity-enhancing features for modern workplaces, aiming to streamline work processes and foster better collaboration. These updates were unveiled at the Google I/O developers conference in May 2021, coinciding with the launch of the new Android 12 operating system and other notable updates. Central to these enhancements is Google’s new initiative, Smart Canvas, designed to optimize the functionality of popular applications like Docs, Sheets, and Slides within Google Workspace.

In response to the evolving needs of remote and hybrid work setups, Google has integrated tools that prioritize seamless connectivity, enhanced focus, and overall efficiency. These improvements come at a crucial time when global teams are navigating the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, underscoring the significance of adaptable and intuitive digital work environments.

Let’s delve into how Google’s Smart Canvas elevates the user experience within Workspace tools and explore practical insights on leveraging these new features effectively.

Enhance Collaboration and Productivity with Smart Chips in Google Workspace

Google’s latest Smart Canvas update introduces a powerful feature called smart chips, which elevates the collaborative experience within Google Docs and Sheets. By incorporating smart chips, users can now seamlessly tag individuals, files, events, and meetings, going beyond the conventional “@ mention” function.


Imagine the convenience of simply typing “@,” enabling you not only to tag colleagues but also to seamlessly link relevant files, events, and meetings directly within your documents and spreadsheets. This newfound feature fosters a more integrated and efficient workflow, facilitating smoother communication and task management.

Expanding the functionality further, smart chips empower users to create interactive checklists across web and mobile platforms, enabling easy task assignment to team members. Assigned duties are conveniently reflected in the assignee’s To-Do List within Google Tasks, enhancing accountability and task visibility.

Moreover, with smart chips, users gain access to versatile table templates in Docs, optimizing the tracking of feedback, project milestones, and more. Additionally, a dedicated template streamlines the process of capturing comprehensive meeting notes and seamlessly importing data from calendar invites, promoting structured and organized collaboration.

Pageless format Docs

In the world of document creation, the concept of page breaks is a common occurrence, especially in tools like Google Docs. However, with the introduction of Smart Canvas, a new way of working with documents has emerged. Smart Canvas eliminates the need for traditional page breaks, ensuring that your content flows seamlessly without any interruption. This means that your sentences or visual elements like charts remain intact and cohesive, enhancing the overall presentation of your document.

When working in Smart Canvas, you have the flexibility to disable page breaks for a smoother writing experience. Whether you’re composing a piece or structuring content, the absence of page breaks allows for a more continuous and uninterrupted workflow. If the need arises to print your document or save it as a PDF, you can easily re-enable page breaks with a simple toggle, providing you with the best of both worlds – a seamless editing process and the option to format for printing or sharing.

By embracing the pageless format in Docs, users can enjoy a more dynamic and efficient document creation process. Whether you’re collaborating with team members or working individually, the elimination of page breaks fosters a creative and streamlined approach to content development. Smart Canvas empowers users to focus on the substance of their work without the constraints of traditional formatting, ultimately enhancing productivity and creativity in document creation.

Introduction to Timeline View in Sheets

If you’re looking to enhance your task tracking experience, the latest update in Sheets introduces a convenient Timeline view feature. This new addition allows for smoother organization of information based on factors such as owner, category, and more.

Integrating Docs, Sheets and Slides into Google Meet

When hosting a Google Meet call, you have the convenient option to share content directly from Docs, Sheets, or Slides without disrupting the flow. It’s worth noting that for this functionality to operate seamlessly, you must be using Google Chrome.

Excitingly, Google Meet now features live captions available in five different languages, with a beta version of live translations in the works. Initially, translations will commence from English to Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German, with the promise of more languages being incorporated in the future.


The introduction of Smart Canvas enhances the seamless integration of collaboration and communication tools, fostering a more interactive and productive virtual meeting environment.

Google Chat

Google has recently enhanced its Google Chat platform by integrating collaborative tools, facilitating seamless work creation and editing during meetings. This feature is now accessible for Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Additionally, to add a touch of fun and expressiveness, Google has included emoji reactions within Docs, enhancing user interaction and engagement.

In a nutshell, these recent updates in Google Chat aim to streamline teamwork and boost productivity by providing users with convenient collaboration tools within the platform. Embracing these enhancements can potentially elevate your work dynamics and communication efficiency while leveraging the power of Google’s suite of productivity tools.

Here’s a brief overview of the key features introduced on Google Chat:

  • Integration of collaboration tools for seamless work creation and editing during meetings.
  • Availability of collaborative tools for Docs, Sheets, and Slides, enhancing productivity and teamwork.
  • Inclusion of emoji reactions within Docs to foster user interaction and engagement.

By leveraging these enhancements, you can optimize your collaborative efforts and elevate your productivity levels within the Google Chat environment.Google recently introduced new productivity features at the Google I/O developers conference in May 2021, coinciding with the launch of the new Android 12 operating system and updates to the camera and WearOS. These features, collectively known as Smart Canvas, are designed to improve the user experience within popular apps like Docs, Sheets, and Slides, with a focus on enhancing connection and efficiency in hybrid work environments. Let’s delve into the details of these updates and how they can benefit users.


1. What is Smart Canvas?

Smart Canvas is a collection of productivity features introduced by Google to enhance collaboration and efficiency within Google Workspace applications.

2. How can Smart Canvas benefit hybrid workplaces?

Smart Canvas aims to streamline communication and workflow processes for teams working remotely or in hybrid environments, offering tools to facilitate seamless collaboration.

3. What are smart chips in Smart Canvas?

Smart chips allow users to tag people, files, events, and meetings within documents, enabling quick access to relevant information and improving task management.

4. What is the Pageless format in Docs?

With the Pageless format feature, users can eliminate traditional page breaks in Google Docs, creating a continuous flow of content without interruptions for a smoother writing experience.

5. What is the Timeline view in Sheets?

The Timeline view in Sheets provides a visual representation of tasks, allowing users to organize and track information based on different parameters such as ownership and categories.

6. How does Smart Canvas integrate with Google Meet?

Smart Canvas seamlessly integrates with Google Meet, enabling users to present content from Docs, Sheets, or Slides during meetings with minimal disruptions, enhancing collaboration.

7. What collaboration tools are available in Google Chat?

Google Chat offers collaboration tools for creating and editing work during meetings, including emoji reactions in Docs, Sheets, and Slides for improved communication.

8. What assisted writing features are included in Smart Canvas?

Smart Canvas includes assisted writing features in Docs that provide stylistic suggestions, flag offensive language, and offer editing assistance similar to Grammarly, enhancing the overall writing experience.

9. How can users benefit from Smart Canvas templates in Docs?

Smart Canvas templates in Docs facilitate task assignment, checklist creation, and meeting note-taking, enhancing productivity and organization within documents.

10. How do smart chips enhance task management in Google Workspace?

Smart chips enable users to create checklists, assign tasks to team members, and track feedback efficiently, streamlining task management processes within Google Workspace.

11. What languages are supported for live captions and translations in Google Meet?

Google Meet offers live captions in five languages and plans to introduce live translations starting with English translated to Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German, with more languages to follow.

12. How can users access the new productivity features of Smart Canvas?

Users can explore and utilize the new productivity features of Smart Canvas within Google Workspace applications to optimize collaboration and efficiency in their work environments.


The introduction of Smart Canvas by Google brings a host of innovative productivity features to Google Workspace applications, aimed at enhancing collaboration, organization, and efficiency in hybrid work settings. From smart chips and Pageless format in Docs to Timeline view in Sheets and seamless integration with Google Meet, Smart Canvas offers a comprehensive toolkit to streamline work processes and improve communication within teams. By leveraging the assisted writing features, templates, and collaboration tools within Smart Canvas, users can elevate their productivity and enhance their overall work experience. Embrace the power of Smart Canvas to transform the way you work and collaborate, paving the way for enhanced creativity and efficiency in your daily tasks. Explore the possibilities of Smart Canvas and revolutionize your workflow today.

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