T-Mobile Introduces New Device Upgrade Program

T-Mobile recently unveiled a new device upgrade program known as Jump, designed to provide customers with more flexibility in upgrading their devices. This program allows customers on no-contract plans to upgrade their devices more frequently, even before their current phone is fully paid off. Let’s delve into some common questions about this new program.


  1. What is the new Jump plan?
    The Jump plan is T-Mobile’s latest device upgrade program, enabling customers on no-contract plans to upgrade their devices up to two times per calendar year.

  2. How much does the new plan cost?
    Enrolling in the Jump program adds an additional $10 per month to your phone bill.

  3. Is there a waiting period between device upgrades?
    Customers must be enrolled in the Jump program for six months before their first upgrade. Subsequently, they can upgrade every two months, with a limit of two upgrades within a 12-month period.

  4. Do I need to pay off my existing phone before upgrading?
    No, as long as you have been on the Jump plan for at least six months, you can trade in your old phone and upgrade to a new device without paying off the existing one.

  5. Do I get to keep my old phone when upgrading?
    With the Jump program, customers are required to trade in their old phones to be eligible for purchasing a new one at the advertised down payment price.

  6. How does Jump affect existing warranty and insurance plans?
    Jump replaces T-Mobile’s Premium Handset Protection (PHP) insurance plan, offering device warranty and protection against damage, theft, or malfunction at a fixed $10 monthly fee.

  7. Are new T-Mobile customers automatically enrolled in Jump?
    Jump is an optional program that new customers can sign up for within 14 days of activating their phones under an Equipment Installment Plan.

  8. Can existing T-Mobile customers join the Jump program?
    For a limited time, existing T-Mobile customers can enroll in Jump within 30 days if they meet the program requirements, such as having a working phone under the equipment installment plan.

  9. How much do I pay for a new phone with the Jump program?
    To participate in Jump, customers must finance their phone through T-Mobile, making a down payment and subsequent monthly installments until the device is fully paid off.

  10. Are there additional fees for lost, stolen, or damaged devices under Jump?
    Jump includes insurance coverage for damaged or lost devices, with deductibles varying based on the phone model.

  11. Do I pay a deductible if I simply want a new device?
    No deductible is required for trading in a functional device for an upgrade, but damaged devices may incur deductibles as per the initial purchase agreement.

  12. What should customers consider before signing up for the Jump program?
    While Jump offers device insurance and flexibility in upgrades, customers should be aware of the additional costs involved, including down payments, monthly installments, and potential deductibles for damaged devices.


T-Mobile’s Jump program provides customers with the opportunity to upgrade their devices more frequently and without the constraints of traditional contract plans. By paying a monthly fee, customers can enjoy device protection and the flexibility to upgrade their phones multiple times a year. If you’re someone who values having the latest technology or needs device insurance, Jump could be a beneficial addition to your T-Mobile plan.

To explore T-Mobile’s Jump program and discover how it can enhance your device experience, visit the T-Mobile website and enroll in the program within 14 days of activating your new phone. Stay connected and up-to-date with T-Mobile’s innovative solutions for your wireless needs.