Introducing AnyTimeSoftcare’s In-Depth Review: Galaxy Buds 2 – A Confluence of Compact Design and Enhanced Audio

In the realm of wireless audio, Samsung presents us with the Galaxy Buds 2, a testament to both innovation and ingenuity. AnyTimeSoftcare is honored to bring you this comprehensive review that delves into every facet of these remarkable earbuds, revealing their transformative capabilities and why they have set new standards in the industry.

Through meticulous testing and evaluations, our experts have uncovered the Galaxy Buds 2’s true essence, exploring their strengths, limitations, and everything in between. From their compact design that redefines comfort to their exceptional audio performance that captivates the senses, each aspect of these earbuds has been meticulously examined and analyzed.

Join us as we embark on this audio adventure, unraveling the secrets of the Galaxy Buds 2 and empowering you with informed decisions. Whether you’re a music aficionado, an avid podcaster, or simply seeking a seamless wireless experience, AnyTimeSoftcare’s review will guide you toward an enlightened understanding of these revolutionary earbuds, leaving you poised to make a confident choice that will elevate your audio journey to new heights.## Cons

You’re considering investing in Galaxy Buds 2 earbuds, but you’re concerned about their potential drawbacks. Let’s delve into the key shortcomings to help you make an informed decision.

Design and Fit

  • Bulky Design: Unlike the Buds Live and Buds Pro, the Buds 2 feature a less visually appealing and more traditional design, which may not be to everyone’s taste.
  • Limited Color Options: The Buds 2 are only available in four color options (graphite, white, olive, and lavender), which may not align with your personal style or preferences.

Audio Quality

  • Subpar Noise Cancellation: While the Buds 2 offer active noise cancellation (ANC), it’s not as effective as on the Buds Pro, resulting in less suppression of background noise.
  • Lower Sound Quality: The Buds 2 deliver audio quality that is slightly inferior to the Buds Pro, which may not be acceptable for audiophiles or those seeking a truly immersive listening experience.

Comfort and Fit

  • Inconsistent Fit: The Buds 2 may not fit all ears comfortably, as some users have reported issues with stability and proper sealing, especially for prolonged use.
  • Limited Sports Functionality: The Buds 2 are only IPX2 sweat-resistant, making them less suitable for intense workouts or activities where water exposure is likely.

Battery and Charging

  • Shorter Battery Life: The Buds 2 have a shorter battery life compared to the Buds Pro, potentially requiring more frequent charging.
  • Non-Wireless Charging: Unlike the Buds Pro, the Buds 2 charging case does not support wireless charging, which may be an inconvenience for those who prefer the convenience of wireless charging.

Other Concerns

  • Limited Connectivity and Features: The Buds 2 lack advanced features found on higher-end earbuds, such as multi-point connectivity and a dedicated app for customization.
  • Higher Price Point: While the Buds 2 are less expensive than the Buds Pro, they may still be priced higher than some competing models that offer similar features.

Remember, these are potential drawbacks to consider, and individual preferences and intended use may vary. It’s advisable to consult reviews and compare the Buds 2 with other earbuds before making a purchasing decision.

Bass-forward Buds

Are you contemplating whether the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 are the perfect audio companions for your musical adventures? Immerse yourself in our comprehensive review, meticulously crafted to guide you towards an informed decision.

Sound Profile: A Harmonious Blend of Warmth and Precision

The Buds 2 inherit a similar sonic signature to their predecessors, the Buds Plus. Their bass-forward nature embraces warmth and a forgiving sound that caters to various musical genres. While the high frequencies may appear slightly restrained, they effortlessly avoid any hint of sibilance. Intricate details are unveiled with remarkable clarity, and the soundstage, while less expansive than the Buds Pro, remains admirably open.

Technical Specifications: Unveiling the Sonic Engine

Although Samsung has opted for discretion regarding the precise driver configuration, opting instead for the cryptic “two-way” description (implying a tweeter and a woofer), our listening experience reveals a sonically pleasing and tonally engaging pair of earphones.

Target Audience: Catering to Bass-loving Enthusiasts

The Buds 2 emerge as an ideal choice for individuals who lean towards bass-heavy music. Whether you’re grooving to the latest hip-hop beats or immersing yourself in the rhythms of contemporary pop, these earphones will deliver an immersive and resonant listening experience. However, it’s noteworthy that they may fall short in delivering the refined and nuanced sound profile of more premium offerings such as the Sony WF-1000XM4, Sennheiser’s Momentum True Wireless II, or even Samsung’s own Galaxy Buds Pro.

Conclusion: A Balanced Choice for Everyday Listening

Ultimately, the Galaxy Buds 2 strike a harmonious balance between affordability and sound quality. While they may not reach the sonic heights of high-end earphones, they provide a satisfying listening experience for the masses, reminiscent of the popular Apple AirPods Pro. If you seek a pair of earphones that prioritize bass response and everyday enjoyment, the Buds 2 stand as a compelling option.

App Control

As an Android user, you possess the versatility to modify the audio parameters of your Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 through the dedicated Wearable app. This app provides a range of preset equalizer modes, empowering you to tailor the sound profile to your preferences. Nevertheless, I opted to retain the default settings for an unadulterated listening experience.

It’s important to note that while the Galaxy Buds 2 are compatible with iOS devices, they do not support the Galaxy Buds iOS app. This means that iOS users will be unable to perform firmware updates unless they have access to an Android device. This decision by Samsung marks a departure from the Buds Plus and Buds Live, which both offered compatibility with the Galaxy Buds iOS app.

Within the Wearable app, you have the ability to personalize the touch controls assigned to the Galaxy Buds 2. Notably, you can add volume controls to enhance the convenience of adjusting the audio level. The touch controls are highly responsive and intuitive, providing an effortless user experience. However, it’s worth noting that accidentally touching an earbud while attempting to adjust its fit may result in unintended actions such as pausing your music. To prevent this, you have the option to disable the touch controls entirely via the app.

In terms of aesthetics, the Galaxy Buds 2 are designed to minimize protrusion from the ears, ensuring a discreet and comfortable fit. This design choice makes them less noticeable than certain other earbuds on the market.## Noise Canceling: Achieving a Balanced Performance

Delving into Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 boast a competent active noise cancellation (ANC) system that effectively reduces cabin noise during air travel. However, it falls short of the exceptional noise-canceling capabilities of premium earbuds like the Sony WF-1000XM4 or Bose QuietComfort Earbuds.

Ambient Mode: Balancing Natural Sound and Sound Amplification

The Ambient mode allows you to remain aware of your surroundings while wearing the earbuds. This mode offers a natural sound experience, especially at lower and mid-level settings. However, the high setting artificially amplifies the surrounding sound to a noticeable extent, but still lags behind the transparency mode of Apple’s AirPods Pro.

Enhanced Features for Connectivity and Usability

Compared to the Buds Pro, the Buds 2 lack advanced features such as 360 Audio and the ability to automatically switch between noise-canceling and ambient modes when speaking. Nevertheless, they include proximity sensors for automatic music pausing, as well as accelerometers and gyroscopes, indicating the presence of some premium features.

Notable Features

  • Low-Latency Gaming Mode: Enhances gaming experiences by reducing audio delay.
  • Automatic Device Switching: Seamlessly connects to various Galaxy devices.
  • Scalable Codec and AAC Support: Ensures compatibility with Galaxy devices and widely used audio formats.
  • Single-Bud Usage: Allows you to use either earbud independently.

Connectivity and Firmware Updates

Throughout the testing period, the Buds 2 maintained a consistent Bluetooth 5.2 connection without any noticeable interruptions. Samsung regularly provides firmware upgrades to address bugs and enhance performance.

Comparison with Galaxy Buds Pro

While the Galaxy Buds 2 (left) offer a notable ANC experience, they fall short of the superior noise cancellation provided by the Galaxy Buds Pro (right). Additionally, the Buds Pro provide advanced features such as 360 Audio and automatic mode switching.


The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 provide a solid active noise cancellation experience, complemented by a natural-sounding ambient mode. They offer a range of useful features, including proximity sensors, low-latency gaming mode, and automatic device switching. While lacking some premium capabilities found in the Buds Pro, the Buds 2 remain a compelling choice for those seeking a balanced balance of noise cancellation, sound quality, and user-friendly features.

Impressive Noise Reduction for Crystal-Clear Calls

For those seeking exceptional audio clarity during phone conversations, the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 emerge as a top choice, delivering impressive noise reduction capabilities, as evidenced by glowing user testimonials and rigorous voice-calling tests. Samsung’s innovative design incorporates three microphones per bud, expertly engineered with beam-forming and voice pickup technology. The buds also leverage advanced machine learning algorithms to effectively filter out distracting background noise, ensuring your voice is heard loud and clear, even in bustling environments.

During field tests conducted in the bustling Salt Lake City airport, participants engaged in phone calls amidst a cacophony of surrounding conversations. Despite the noisy backdrop, callers reported minimal background interference, with test subjects’ voices sounding remarkably clear and distortion-free. The buds’ exceptional noise reduction capabilities extend to both incoming and outgoing audio, ensuring seamless communication in any setting.

While the Galaxy Buds 2 excel in smartphone-based voice calls, their performance may vary slightly during video conferencing on laptops or computers due to differing hardware and software configurations. It’s worth noting that the buds’ battery life falls within average parameters, with a five-hour music listening duration with ANC enabled. The charging case provides an additional three charges, supporting both USB-C and wireless charging. A convenient quick charge feature allows for an hour of playback time with just a five-minute charge.

While the Galaxy Buds 2 may not rival the exceptional battery life of the Galaxy Buds Plus, boasting up to 11 hours of playback, the Buds 2 compensate with their compact size and inclusion of active noise cancellation, making them an ideal choice for those seeking optimal sound quality in a compact and feature-rich package.## Galaxy Buds 2: Unbiased Review

Exceptional Design and Comfort

As mentioned earlier, the Galaxy Buds 2 stand out for their exceptional design. Their compact size and lightweight construction surpass the Buds Plus and Buds Pro, ensuring a snug and discreet fit in your ears. This design echoes the Beats Studio Buds, which offer similar compactness and lightness.

Audio Comparison with Beats Studio Buds

The Beats Studio Buds deliver impressive sound with adequate noise canceling and transparency modes. However, they excel in iOS integration with hands-free Siri. Nonetheless, they do have an Android companion app for Android users.

User Interface and Call Quality

While the Beats Studio Buds feature physical buttons for playback and sound mode adjustments, the Buds 2 excel in call quality and secure fit for some users.

Value for Money and Market Trends

Currently, the Buds 2 hold a slight edge over the Beats Studio Buds. However, discounts on both earbuds are anticipated, potentially lowering their price points to $120 or less. With the Galaxy Buds Pro already discounted to $170, the Buds Plus remain a budget-friendly option. For those considering an upgrade from the Buds Plus, the Buds 2 offer an improvement, particularly with their added noise cancellation feature.

Buds 2 vs. Buds Pro: Performance and Fit

The Buds Pro outperform the Buds 2 in sound quality and overall performance. However, finding the right fit is crucial for optimal performance. The smaller Galaxy Buds 2 may be the better choice for users who find them to fit more comfortably.## FAQs

  1. What is the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2’s design like?
    • Curved glossy design, similar to Buds Pro and Buds Live. 15% smaller and 20% lighter than Buds Plus, with a compact charging case.
  2. How well do the Buds 2 fit and are they comfortable to wear?
    • Designed for all-day comfort, fitting securely and feeling snug but not painful. Weighing only 5 grams, they’re lighter than the Buds Pro and Plus.
  3. What kind of sound quality do the Buds 2 offer?
    • Bass-forward profile, delivering warm and forgiving sound. Detailed, but not as spacious as the Buds Pro’s soundstage.
  4. How effective is the noise cancellation on the Buds 2?
    • Good noise cancellation, especially given the snug fit. Not as stellar as the Sony WF-1000XM4 or Bose QuietComfort Earbuds, but solid for muffling cabin noise.
  5. What features are available in the app for controlling the Buds 2?
    • Equalizer preset modes for customizing sound; volume controls; customizable touch controls; ability to turn off touch controls.
  6. How long does the battery last on the Buds 2?
    • 5 hours of listening with noise canceling on (7.5 hours with it off); quick charge feature provides 1 hour of play time from a 5-minute charge.
  7. What is the difference between the Buds 2 and Buds Pro?
    • Buds 2 are smaller, lighter, and more comfortable for some. Buds Pro have better sound quality and noise cancellation, but the Buds 2’s smaller size and snug fit may make them a better choice for many.
  8. How do the Buds 2 compare to the Beats Studio Buds?
    • Similar in price ($150), size, and lightness. Beats have good sound, but the Buds 2 are slightly better for making calls and more securely fitting some.
  9. Are the Buds 2 compatible with iOS devices?
    • Yes, they work with iOS devices and all Bluetooth audio devices. However, they are not compatible with the Galaxy Buds iOS app, and firmware upgrades require an Android device.
  10. What is the difference between the Buds 2 and the Buds Plus?
    • Buds 2 are smaller, lighter, and have better noise cancellation than the Buds Plus, but their battery life is shorter.
  11. How well do the Buds 2 perform for voice calling?
    • Very well, with three microphones on each bud for noise reduction. Voice is clear and callers report minimal background noise.
  12. What is the expected lifespan of the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2?
    • The lifespan of earbuds typically varies depending on factors such as usage, care, and maintenance. However, you can expect the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 to last for several years with proper care.


The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 are wireless earbuds that offer a combination of comfort, sound quality, and features at an affordable price. With their smaller, lighter design and snug fit, they’re comfortable to wear for extended periods, making them ideal for everyday use. The bass-forward sound profile delivers warm and forgiving audio, suitable for various genres. While the noise cancellation isn’t stellar, it’s effective for reducing cabin noise and creating a more immersive listening experience.

The companion app provides EQ presets and customizable touch controls, allowing users to personalize their listening preferences. Despite being compatible with iOS devices, the lack of support for the Galaxy Buds iOS app is a drawback for iPhone users. Battery life is average, but the quick charge feature provides a quick boost when needed.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 are a solid choice for those seeking comfortable, reliable, and affordable wireless earbuds. Their snug fit, decent sound quality, and practical features make them a versatile option for everyday use and various listening scenarios. For more information and to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2, visit their website.