– Firefox OS: Trải nghiệm diện mạo hoàn toàn mới trong tương lai gần

Nghe chào đón những thay đổi vô cùng ấn tượng dành cho Firefox OS trong những tháng tới khi Mozilla chuyển đổi hệ điều hành dựa trên trình duyệt này khỏi giao diện kiểu Android hiện tại. Tại sự kiện Mobile World Congress diễn ra gần đây, tổ chức phi lợi nhuận này đã hé lộ những nâng cấp đáng mong đợi trong hệ điều hành dành cho thiết bị di động của mình. Phần lớn những nâng cấp này tập trung vào giao diện, bao gồm thông báo, chuyển đổi tác vụ, khám phá ứng dụng và tìm kiếm. Theo Josh Carpenter, người dẫn đầu nhóm trải nghiệm người dùng của Firefox OS chia sẻ tại sự kiện báo chí: “Với mô hình mới, chúng tôi sẽ đơn giản hóa và tạo nên trải nghiệm duyệt web tối ưu.”FAQs

  1. What is Firefox OS?

    Firefox OS is a mobile operating system developed by Mozilla, based on the Gecko rendering engine used in its Firefox web browser.

  2. What are the key changes coming to Firefox OS?

    Mozilla is moving away from the current Android-style functioning to focus on simplifying and enhancing the browsing experience.

  3. How does the new search-and-launch mechanism work?

    Users can now search the web, apps, or app content directly from a small input field at the top of the page, eliminating the need for an app store.

  4. Has the notification screen been removed in the new Firefox OS?

    No, the notification screen has been relocated to the bottom of the screen and can be accessed by swiping upward.

  5. How has panning and scrolling been improved?

    Mozilla has rewritten its software to make panning and scrolling smoother and more responsive.

  6. What is the fluid switching feature?

    Users can quickly switch between open apps by swiping left or right from either edge of the phone.

  7. Has typing accuracy been improved?

    Yes, Firefox OS now predicts the next letter and makes the tap target for that letter larger, improving typing accuracy.

  8. What are the benefits of the new interface changes?

    The changes aim to simplify the user experience, streamline app discovery, and enhance search capabilities.

  9. What is the target audience for Firefox OS?

    Firefox OS primarily targets users who prioritize a seamless browsing experience and prefer a lightweight and open-source operating system.

  10. What are the limitations of Firefox OS?

    Firefox OS has a smaller app ecosystem compared to major operating systems and may not support all popular apps.

  11. Is Firefox OS compatible with all devices?

    Firefox OS is compatible with a limited range of smartphones, primarily budget-friendly models.

  12. What is the future of Firefox OS?

    Mozilla continues to develop Firefox OS, focusing on improving the user experience, expanding the app ecosystem, and collaborating with manufacturers to increase device availability.


Firefox OS is undergoing significant changes to enhance the user experience and browsing capabilities. The new interface introduces a fluid search-and-launch mechanism that eliminates the need for app installation. Improved panning and scrolling provide a smoother and more responsive interaction. Typing accuracy is enhanced by predicting the next letter and enlarging the tap target. Fluid switching allows for effortless transitions between open apps.

Overall, the upcoming Firefox OS offers a simplified and intuitive browsing experience, aiming to redefine the interaction between users and their mobile devices. Mozilla’s focus on seamless browsing and app discovery empowers users to explore the web and access their favorite content effortlessly.

To stay updated on the latest developments and learn more about Firefox OS, visit the official website.