1. What is App Connect?
App Connect is a feature that integrates apps into hubs and the browser, allowing users to access them easily during search and other activities.

2. How does Bing Vision work?
Bing Vision uses the phone’s camera to scan items and provide relevant search results and app suggestions.

3. How do I switch between apps in Windows Phone Mango?
Press and hold the back button to bring up a screen of recent app tiles that can be swiped through.

4. What is the native Xbox Live support in Mango?
The Xbox Live section now supports 3D Xbox Live avatars, profile editing, live gaming requests, and achievement reviews across phone, console, and PC.

5. Why does Windows Phone have fewer apps than other platforms?
The Windows Phone 7 overhaul made existing apps incompatible, requiring Microsoft to rebuild the app store from scratch.

6. What are the three criteria phone owners consider when buying a smartphone?
Internet experience, sharing/community, and app store size.

7. How is Microsoft compensating for its lower app numbers?
By providing greater value with multitasking and app integration into hubs.

8. What are some examples of App Connect in action?
Searching for movies in Bing can bring up Netflix and IMDB to preview trailers and content.

9. What other categories are supported by App Connect in Bing search?
Restaurants, books, landmarks, people, and theaters.

10. How will Bing Vision work with apps in the future?
Scanning a book cover could bring up the book’s title in an Amazon Kindle app, for instance.

11. Does Microsoft monetize app suggestions in App Connect?
No, Microsoft does not monetize app suggestions at launch.

12. When will Windows Phone Mango be released?
Windows Phone Mango was released in the fall of 2011.


Windows Phone Mango introduced significant new features and app enhancements to the platform. App Connect allows apps to be seamlessly integrated into hubs and Bing search results, providing users with convenient access to relevant content. Bing Vision enables users to scan items using the phone’s camera and receive corresponding search results and app suggestions. The update also introduces native Xbox Live support, including 3D avatars and game-related functionality.

Despite a smaller app store compared to other platforms, Microsoft emphasizes the value of multitasking and app integration in Mango. These features aim to enhance the user experience and compete effectively in the smartphone market.

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