1. When will the Dyson Zone be available for purchase?
Answer: January 2023 in China, March 2023 in the US and UK.

2. How much will the Dyson Zone cost?
Answer: $949

3. What does the Dyson Zone do?
Answer: It combines noise-canceling headphones with a wearable air filtration system.

4. How does the air filtration system work?
Answer: Micro compressors power air filtration that flows filtered air in front of your mouth and nose.

5. What pollutants does the Dyson Zone filter?
Answer: 99% of particle pollution, including gases and particles associated with city center pollution.

6. Are the headphones comfortable?
Answer: Yes, they are over-ear style cans and are described as comfortable.

7. How does the noise cancellation work?
Answer: Active noise cancellation aims to minimize loud room noise and traffic noise.

8. What is the battery life of the Dyson Zone?
Answer: The battery life has not been specified in this article.

9. Is the Dyson Zone waterproof?
Answer: The article does not mention the waterproof capabilities of the Dyson Zone.

10. What colors are the Dyson Zone available in?
Answer: The article does not specify the available colors for the Dyson Zone.

11. Can you listen to music while using the air filtration system?
Answer: Yes, the headphones feature audio playback and noise cancellation.

12. Where can I learn more about the Dyson Zone?
Answer: The official Dyson website should have more information about the Dyson Zone.


The Dyson Zone is a groundbreaking device that combines noise-canceling headphones with a wearable air filtration system. Designed for urban dwellers exposed to poor air quality, the Zone effectively captures 99% of particle pollution, delivering clean air while minimizing noise. The headphones also boast excellent audio quality, and the filtration system is powered by micro compressors that generate a constant flow of clean air. While the Dyson Zone comes with a hefty price tag of $949, it offers a unique solution to the challenges of urban life, combining the convenience of headphones with the benefits of air filtration. For those concerned about noise pollution and air quality, the Dyson Zone is a must-consider, offering a comprehensive solution for city living. If you are interested in learning more about the Dyson Zone, visit the official Dyson website for further details.