Embark on an extraordinary gaming journey with AnyTimeSoftcare’s latest innovation that transcends traditional gameplay. The captivating fusion of entertainment and technology unfolds as you immerse yourself in the world of dragons with AnyTimeSoftcare’s revolutionary tablet game experience.

Introducing a groundbreaking game, AnyTimeSoftcare brings fantasy to reality on the innovative Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet. Step into the enchanting realm inspired by the renowned film “How to Train Your Dragon” and brace yourself for an unparalleled adventure. Explore dynamic landscapes and engage in thrilling quests that promise limitless excitement.

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Imagine a captivating world where young children, aged approximately 7 to 13, can embark on exciting adventures with their 3D friends through DreamWorks Animation’s film “How To Tame Your Dragon.” In this interactive game, kids can collect coins while navigating through various challenges. Each game session initiates a new quest, offering an immersive experience that aligns perfectly with the duration of a drive.

Bringing a touch of reality into the virtual realm, elements such as traffic conditions, weather changes, and unexpected routes seamlessly integrate into the gameplay. Parents, concerned about safety, can earn extra points for their kids by adhering to speed limits. Additionally, a companion app tailored for Nokia phones empowers parents to engage by setting challenges, like overcoming dragons, or surprises, such as hatching a new dragon egg.

Although initially perceived as a mere distraction during car rides, the game’s underlying complexity is remarkable. It seamlessly incorporates geographic data, information from sensors like the accelerometer, and augments reality in creative ways. The technology behind Dragon’s Adventure stems from a vision by DreamWorks’ Jim Mainard, focusing on leveraging mobile devices’ location capabilities to deliver a unique and immersive experience. Collaborating closely with Nokia’s Bryan Biniak, the vice president of developer experience, the concept took shape just before Mobile World Congress 2013, setting the stage for a groundbreaking innovation.

DreamWorks’ latest game designed for the Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet draws inspiration from the beloved film “How to Train Your Dragon,” offering an engaging experience that can turn your children’s long car rides into an exciting adventure. Dragon’s Adventure, the name of the game, ingeniously utilizes Nokia’s Here maps and augmented reality technology to create gameplay centered around daily commutes or road trips, adding an element of fun and interactivity to mundane journeys.


  1. What is the concept behind DreamWorks’ game for the Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet?

    • The game, Dragon’s Adventure, is based on the film “How to Train Your Dragon” and transforms everyday car rides into interactive quests for children.
  2. How does the gameplay integrate real-world elements?

    • Dragon’s Adventure incorporates real-time traffic data, weather conditions, and other environmental factors into the game to enhance the player’s experience.
  3. Who is the target audience for the game?

    • The game is tailored for young kids aged approximately 7 to 13, leveraging 3D characters from the movie to engage and entertain them during travels.
  4. What role do parents play in the game?

    • Parents can join in on the fun by setting challenges or rewards for their children through a companion app on Nokia phones, further enhancing the gameplay.
  5. What technological features make Dragon’s Adventure stand out?

    • The game utilizes the device’s location awareness, accelerometer data, and augmented reality capabilities to deliver a captivating and immersive experience.
  6. How long did it take to develop Dragon’s Adventure?

    • It took eight months to build the game, combining DreamWorks’ expertise in rendering and animation with Nokia’s mapping technology to create a unique gaming platform.
  7. Will there be future applications based on the platform developed for Dragon’s Adventure?

    • Nokia plans to leverage the new platform created for the game to develop more apps and games catering to a broader audience across different age groups.
  8. When was Dragon’s Adventure officially launched?

    • The game was launched to the public after months of development and anticipation, marking the beginning of Nokia’s venture into augmented reality gaming.


DreamWorks’ collaboration with Nokia has resulted in a groundbreaking gaming experience with Dragon’s Adventure, where children can embark on thrilling quests during their car rides. By combining real-world elements with innovative technology, the game offers a unique blend of entertainment and education for young players. Parents can join in on the fun by interacting with their children through a companion app, adding a new dimension to family travels. With the successful launch of Dragon’s Adventure, Nokia demonstrates its commitment to exploring the possibilities of augmented reality and creating engaging experiences for users of all ages. Experience the magic of Dragon’s Adventure today and embark on a journey like never before!