1. Who made an unsolicited bid to buy Clearwire?

    • Dish Network
  2. How much did Dish offer per share for Clearwire?

    • $3.30
  3. How much was Sprint’s offer per share?

    • $2.97
  4. When did Sprint announce its agreement with Clearwire?

    • December
  5. What percentage premium did Dish’s offer represent over Sprint’s?

    • 11%
  6. What was Clearwire’s market capitalization after Sprint’s announcement?

    • $10 billion
  7. Why did Clearwire have limited ability to negotiate with Dish?

    • Current contractual arrangements with Sprint
  8. What was Dish’s expectation for its proposal?

    • Positive evaluation by Clearwire’s Special Committee
  9. Why did Sprint believe its offer was superior to Dish’s?

    • Dish’s proposal included numerous complex conditions
  10. What type of services does Clearwire provide?

    • 4G services to carriers and consumers
  11. Why could Clearwire’s spectrum be valuable to Dish?

    • Dish won FCC approval to build its own LTE network
  12. What deadlines must Dish meet for its LTE network?

    • 40% completion within 4 years, 70% within 7 years


Dish Network has made an unsolicited bid to acquire Clearwire for $3.30 per share, outbidding Sprint Nextel’s previous offer of $2.97 per share. Clearwire’s current contractual obligations with Sprint limit its ability to negotiate with Dish, but it is obligated to consider the proposal. If successful, the acquisition would provide Dish with valuable spectrum to enhance its LTE network build-out.

Sprint maintains that its offer is superior to Dish’s due to its lower level of complexity and Sprint’s existing rights as a Clearwire shareholder. The outcome of this bidding war remains uncertain, with Clearwire’s board evaluating Dish’s proposal.

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