Clearwire’s LTE Trial Network Shows Promise in Phoenix

Clearwire recently shared exciting updates on its LTE-based trial wireless network in Phoenix during a keynote presentation at the 4G World trade show. The company’s chief commercial officer, Michael Sievert, highlighted promising speed test results, showcasing the capabilities of LTE technology.


  1. What is Clearwire testing in Phoenix?
    Clearwire is testing LTE network technology in Phoenix to explore the potential of Long Term Evolution (LTE) for future network enhancements.

  2. What speeds has Clearwire achieved on its trial LTE network?
    Clearwire has achieved impressive download speeds of up to 100Mbps, surpassing its current commercial network speeds of 3-6Mbps using WiMax technology.

  3. How do the speeds on Clearwire’s LTE trial network compare to other networks?
    Clearwire’s LTE trial network outperforms other networks using similar technology, with speeds exceeding 90Mbps on 20MHz channels.

  4. Are the speeds on the trial network accurate representations of real-world performance?
    While the speeds on the trial network may be somewhat exaggerated due to limited network load, they still demonstrate significant advancements in wireless broadband technology.

  5. What are Clearwire’s future plans regarding LTE technology?
    Clearwire is exploring the potential of LTE technology for future network developments, highlighting a shift towards LTE over its current WiMax infrastructure.

  6. How does Clearwire view technological advancements in the wireless industry?
    Clearwire emphasizes the importance of delivering high-speed connectivity to meet consumer demands, focusing on the practical benefits of technology rather than specific technical specifications.

  7. What new services does Clearwire aim to offer with LTE technology?
    Clearwire envisions offering innovative services such as high-quality, high-definition video to wireless consumers, tapping into the vast potential of wireless broadband.

  8. What is Clearwire’s approach to adopting new technologies?
    Clearwire remains open to embracing new technologies to enhance its wireless broadband offerings, prioritizing customer satisfaction and network efficiency.

  9. Which markets does Clearwire currently serve with its 4G network?
    Clearwire provides 4G service in major metropolitan areas such as New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, with plans to expand its coverage to reach 120 million people in the U.S.

  10. Who are Clearwire’s partners in offering 4G services?
    Clearwire collaborates with partners such as Sprint, Comcast, and Time Warner to extend its 4G services to a wide range of customers across multiple markets.

  11. What is Clearwire’s overarching goal for its wireless broadband network?
    Clearwire aims to deliver reliable and high-speed connectivity at an affordable cost, catering to the evolving needs of wireless consumers in an increasingly connected world.

  12. How does Clearwire envision the future of wireless broadband?
    Clearwire sees immense potential in wireless broadband technology, envisioning a future filled with exciting possibilities and enhanced connectivity for users.


The evolution of Clearwire’s LTE trial network in Phoenix showcases the company’s commitment to advancing wireless broadband technology. With impressive download speeds exceeding 100Mbps, Clearwire’s exploration of LTE technology signals a promising future for high-speed connectivity and innovative services for consumers.

As Clearwire continues to expand its 4G network across key markets in the U.S. and collaborate with partners to enhance service offerings, the company remains focused on delivering exceptional connectivity experiences to meet the growing demands of wireless consumers. With a vision for the future that is centered on technological advancements and customer-centric solutions, Clearwire is poised to shape the landscape of wireless broadband services in the digital age.

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