After a few weeks of use, some Nexus One owners are experiencing challenges that seem to signal the end of the honeymoon phase. Online forums are buzzing with users expressing discontent over various issues, including recent reports of touch screen problems.

One user started a thread highlighting how their Nexus One was inaccurately registering screen taps. Although a quick reboot resolved the issue temporarily, similar complaints have surfaced. It’s uncertain whether the problem stems from software glitches or hardware malfunctions. This unexpected development is disheartening for a device hailed as a “superphone,” especially since there’s no physical keyboard as an alternative while waiting to reset the device.

Google employee Ry Guy has acknowledged the matter, stating that Google and HTC are investigating to determine if it’s a software-related issue. If so, a maintenance release or software update is likely on the horizon for Nexus One owners. On the other hand, if it’s a hardware issue, replacement units will be provided for those seeking a phone exchange.

The handling of this situation is crucial for Google and HTC to maintain customer trust. While only a minority of users have encountered problems, their voices are loud. Any hiccups in the warranty process could tarnish Google’s reputation. Previously, concerns were raised about the Nexus One’s screen accuracy, which was addressed by adjusting the display algorithm, showing that sometimes a simple software update can make a significant difference.

To address current issues effectively, proactive steps such as soft resetting the phone are recommended. Looking ahead, users can anticipate improved performance through OTA updates. Holding a positive outlook, the community hopes for swift resolutions to ensure a seamless user experience with the Nexus One.


1. What are some common issues faced by Nexus One owners?

Nexus One owners have reported various problems, such as inaccuracies in touch screen registration and software glitches.

2. How can I resolve touch screen issues on my Nexus One?

A quick reboot or soft reset can often resolve touch screen problems on the Nexus One.

3. Will Google and HTC provide support for Nexus One users experiencing these issues?

Google and HTC are actively investigating reported problems and are likely to release maintenance updates or offer replacement units if needed.

4. How can Nexus One owners stay updated on potential software fixes?

Users can expect over-the-air (OTA) updates to address software-related issues promptly.

5. What steps are recommended for Nexus One users facing technical difficulties?

Performing a soft reset is a suggested troubleshooting step for users encountering technical challenges with their Nexus One.

6. How important is it for Google and HTC to address these issues promptly?

Resolving problems swiftly is crucial for Google and HTC to maintain customer satisfaction and uphold their reputation.

7. What are some past issues that have been addressed with Nexus One updates?

Previously, Nexus One screen accuracy concerns were resolved through software updates, showcasing the device’s adaptability to improvements.

8. How can Nexus One users provide feedback on their experiences with the device?

Users can share their feedback and concerns through online forums and customer support channels to help manufacturers address issues effectively.

9. Should Nexus One owners be concerned about ongoing technical challenges with the device?

While challenges have been reported, proactive steps are being taken to address and rectify any issues, ensuring a positive user experience.

10. What can Nexus One users expect in terms of customer support for resolving technical issues?

Google and HTC are committed to providing support and solutions for users facing technical challenges with their Nexus One devices.

11. Is there a warranty process in place for Nexus One users experiencing hardware issues?

Nexus One users encountering hardware-related problems may be eligible for device replacements under warranty, ensuring customer satisfaction.

12. How can Nexus One users contribute to improving the device’s performance and functionality?

By sharing feedback and actively participating in community discussions, users can help manufacturers enhance the Nexus One’s performance and address any existing issues effectively.


In summary, Nexus One users are facing challenges related to touch screen accuracy and software functionality. Google and HTC are actively working to investigate and address these issues, with potential software updates and replacement units on the horizon. By performing simple troubleshooting steps like soft resets, users can mitigate technical difficulties and contribute to the overall improvement of the Nexus One experience. Staying engaged with online communities and providing feedback will help manufacturers enhance the device’s performance and ensure customer satisfaction. Embracing a positive outlook, Nexus One users can look forward to continued support and improvements for a seamless user experience. For the latest updates and assistance, users are encouraged to stay informed through official channels and community forums.