Samsung’s Hidden Triumph: The iPhone X

In the realm of tech giants, Apple and Samsung may be fierce rivals, but behind the scenes, an intriguing alliance has emerged. The highly anticipated iPhone X, Apple’s latest flagship device, holds a surprising secret: it’s a major financial boon for its supposed competitor, Samsung. With its revolutionary OLED display and memory chips manufactured by the Korean tech giant, the iPhone X has become a golden opportunity for Samsung.## FAQs

  1. How much does Samsung earn per iPhone X sold?

    • Answer: Samsung earns an estimated $110 (roughly £83/AU$140) per iPhone X sold.
  2. Why is Samsung a key component supplier for the iPhone X?

    • Answer: Samsung is a major supplier of OLED screens and memory chips used in the iPhone X.
  3. How much profit is Samsung estimated to make from iPhone X sales?

    • Answer: Samsung is estimated to make up to $14.3 billion (about £10.8 billion/AU$18.3 billion) in the 20 months after the iPhone X’s debut.
  4. How many iPhone X units is Apple expected to sell?

    • Answer: Counterpoint Technology estimates that Apple will sell around 130 million iPhone X units in the 20 months following its debut.
  5. How much profit does Samsung make from the Galaxy S8?

    • Answer: Samsung makes an estimated $202 off of components for the Galaxy S8.
  6. How many Galaxy S8 units is Samsung estimated to sell?

    • Answer: Counterpoint Technology estimates that Samsung will sell around 50 million Galaxy S8 units in a 20-month period.
  7. Is Apple considering alternative OLED display suppliers besides Samsung?

    • Answer: Yes, Apple is reportedly looking into other manufacturers to source its OLED displays.
  8. Why is Apple considering alternative OLED display suppliers?

    • Answer: Apple needs suppliers who can keep pace with the high demand for OLED screens for its iPhones.
  9. How much of an impact will Samsung’s loss of market share in the OLED display market have?

    • Answer: Samsung’s loss of market share could result in decreased profits and a possible drop in stock value.
  10. What is the projected release date for the iPhone X?

    • Answer: The iPhone X is scheduled to be released on November 3, 2017, with preorders starting on October 27, 2017.
  11. What are the key features of the iPhone X?

    • Answer: Some of the key features of the iPhone X include its OLED display, Face ID facial recognition technology, and wireless charging capabilities.
  12. How has Samsung’s relationship with Apple evolved over the years?

    • Answer: Samsung and Apple have had a complex and often competitive relationship over the years, but they are also reliant on each other in certain aspects of their businesses.


Samsung is a major beneficiary of the iPhone X’s success due to its supply of OLED displays and memory chips for the device. The partnership between Samsung and Apple is mutually beneficial, with Samsung earning a significant profit from the sales of the iPhone X, and Apple benefiting from Samsung’s expertise in display technology. The iPhone X is a significant step forward for Apple as it introduces a new design, display technology, and facial recognition capabilities. The device is expected to be a major success for Apple, and Samsung is poised to benefit from its involvement in the production of the device.

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