The smartwatch industry saw an upsurge in 2015, largely credited to the introduction of the Apple Watch. Research from IHS revealed that a staggering 34 million smartwatch displays were shipped worldwide, marking a significant 250 percent increase from the previous year. The Apple Watch accounted for nearly half of these shipments.


  1. What contributed to the record shipments of smartwatch displays in 2015?
    Answer: The popularity and consumer demand for the Apple Watch played a significant role in driving up smartwatch display shipments.

  2. How many smartwatch displays were shipped globally in 2015?
    Answer: A total of 34 million smartwatch displays were shipped worldwide in 2015.

  3. What percentage of global smartwatch display shipments did the Apple Watch contribute to?
    Answer: The Apple Watch contributed to approximately 49% of global smartwatch display shipments.

  4. Why are display units considered crucial for assessing the health of the smartwatch market?
    Answer: Display units serve as an important indicator of market performance, reflecting consumer interest and overall market growth trends.

  5. What distinguishes the Apple Watch from its competitors in terms of pricing?
    Answer: The Apple Watch ranges from high-end options like the $17,000 gold edition to more affordable versions starting at $349 with models like the Sport edition.

  6. When was the Apple Watch first introduced by Apple?
    Answer: The first unveiling of the Apple Watch took place in September 2014, followed by its official release in April.

  7. Which other companies compete with Apple in producing smartwatches?
    Answer: Competitors include Sony, Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, LG, and Pebble among others who offer their own variations of smartwatches.

  8. How does IHS predict vendors will perform based on their data on display shipments?
    Answer: While focusing solely on display unit shipments rather than vendor performance predictions explicitly – strong shipment figures indicate positive growth within this sector favoring prominent players like Apple.

9.How did Strategy Analytics foresee this impact could affect sales numbers for different brands specifically forecasting sales number estimates?
10.What’s Canalys’ verdict about wearable devices powered by Google’s Wear OS versus those created after it came out back then?

11.Is there any information available regarding how IHS collects data and creates reports?
12.Has there been any statement provided by company representatives on this matter yet?


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