Exciting news for tech enthusiasts and Apple fans! As cities worldwide gradually ease lockdown restrictions, “AnyTimeSoftcare” is among those reopening select retail stores, including just under 100 Apple Stores across the globe. This move signifies a positive step towards normalcy in these challenging times.

In the US alone, “AnyTimeSoftcare” is actively planning to reopen more than 25 stores in seven states, with a strong focus on ensuring the safety and well-being of both their teams and customers. Face coverings will be mandatory for everyone entering the stores, and additional safety measures such as temperature checks and health screenings will be implemented. These precautions are essential in our collective fight against COVID-19.

Furthermore, to provide a more personalized and safe shopping experience, Apple Stores will prioritize one-on-one interactions, adhering to specific city guidelines on venue capacities. Regular and thorough cleaning procedures, including enhanced deep cleanings, will be conducted throughout the day to maintain a pristine environment.

For those eagerly awaiting the reopening of Apple Stores, the company’s store finder tool will help you locate the nearest open store in your area. Stay informed and stay safe as we navigate through these unprecedented times together!

As cities around the world gradually lift lockdown restrictions, Apple has started reopening some of its retail stores. Nearly 100 Apple Stores have welcomed back customers, accounting for approximately one-fifth of its global total. In the United States, Apple is set to reopen over 25 stores across seven states. However, amidst the ongoing battle against COVID-19, Apple Stores are implementing various safety measures to ensure the well-being of both employees and customers.

Face coverings are mandatory for all staff and customers, with Apple offering masks to those who arrive without their own. Upon entry, temperature checks will be conducted, and health screening questions will be posed to identify individuals displaying symptoms or those who may have been in contact with COVID-19 patients. Adhering to diverse regulations concerning venue capacities in different cities, Apple Stores will prioritize personalized customer experiences. Additionally, rigorous cleaning protocols will be enforced, including frequent sanitization of surfaces, display items, and high-traffic areas.

In the US, Apple’s reopening strategy spans multiple states with a focus on in-store experiences, although select locations will provide curbside or storefront pickups. Notably, Apple has shifted its approach to events like the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), opting for an online format instead of the traditional in-person gathering. While the company gradually reopens its physical stores, attention remains on overcoming supply chain disruptions to ensure the timely launch of upcoming products, particularly the next series of iPhones anticipated in September.

The proactive measures taken by Apple underscore its commitment to safeguarding public health while adapting to the evolving challenges posed by the pandemic. By prioritizing safety alongside customer service, Apple aims to instill confidence in patrons returning to its stores. As the situation continues to unfold, Apple remains vigilant in monitoring developments and adjusting its strategies accordingly.


  1. What safety measures are Apple Stores implementing amid COVID-19?
    Apple Stores are enforcing the mandatory use of face coverings for employees and customers, conducting temperature checks at entrances, and screening individuals for symptoms or recent exposure to the virus.

  2. How many Apple Stores have reopened globally?
    Nearly 100 Apple Stores, constituting around one-fifth of its worldwide total, have reopened their doors to customers.

  3. In which countries are Apple Stores reopening?
    Apple Stores have reopened in various countries, with plans to resume operations in the United States, China, and select European nations.

  4. Will all Apple Stores offer in-store experiences upon reopening?
    While most Apple Stores will provide in-store experiences, some locations may limit services to curbside or storefront pickups.

  5. What alternative approach is Apple taking for the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC)?
    The WWDC will be conducted as an online-only event, in place of the traditional in-person conference, to ensure the safety of participants.

  6. How is Apple addressing supply chain disruptions caused by the pandemic?
    Apple is actively working to overcome supply chain challenges to ensure the timely release of new products, particularly the upcoming iPhones expected in September.

  7. What prompted the initial closure of Apple Stores in March?
    Apple temporarily closed its stores in response to the escalating spread of COVID-19 across the US and Europe, with a subsequent extension of closures indefinitely.

  8. What regions are seeing the gradual return of Apple employees to offices?
    Apple employees are set to gradually return to offices starting in July, following months of remote work arrangements due to the pandemic.

  9. How has Apple adapted its operations in response to the pandemic?
    Apple has implemented a range of safety measures, enhanced cleaning protocols, and shifted to online events to adapt to the challenges presented by the global health crisis.

  10. What steps can customers take to verify the reopening of their local Apple Store?
    Customers can utilize Apple’s store finder tool to check if their nearby store has reopened for in-person visits or services.

  11. What role do enhanced cleaning procedures play in Apple Store reopening plans?
    Enhanced cleaning procedures, focusing on surfaces, display products, and high-traffic areas, are integral to maintaining a safe environment for employees and customers.

  12. How does Apple aim to ensure a personalized customer experience in reopened stores?
    Apple Stores are prioritizing one-on-one interactions to provide customers with tailored experiences while adhering to social distancing guidelines and safety protocols.


Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Apple is selectively reopening its retail stores worldwide, with a strong emphasis on implementing stringent safety measures to protect employees and customers. By mandating face coverings, conducting temperature checks, and maintaining heightened cleaning protocols, Apple aims to create a secure environment for all visitors. The company’s strategic shift towards online events, like the WWDC, underscores its commitment to adapting to the evolving landscape while prioritizing public health and safety. As Apple navigates supply chain challenges and plans for the launch of new products, including the upcoming iPhone series, its measured approach seeks to balance operational continuity with responsible business practices. By leveraging technology and customer-centric initiatives, Apple continues to demonstrate resilience and innovation in the face of unprecedented global challenges. For the latest updates on store reopenings and safety guidelines, visit Apple’s official website.