The Apple community and MacBook enthusiasts gathered for a special event in London featuring a live broadcast from the Apple Showtime event in San Francisco. The event was filled with excitement as attendees eagerly anticipated announcements about movie downloads and new iPods. Apple’s plans to expand its presence in the UK by opening nine new stores and enlarging its flagship store in London were also highlighted. The main attraction of the evening was a live presentation by Steve Jobs, unveiling updates to the iPod lineup, including brighter screens and new nanos with aluminum cases in vibrant colors and increased storage capacities. The event also showcased the new Shuffle, iTunes 7 features, and a glimpse of the innovative ‘iTV’ device for streaming content to televisions. Following the presentations, there was a buzz of activity as attendees explored and interacted with the new devices.


  1. What was the main focus of the Apple event in London?
    The Apple event in London primarily centered around a live broadcast from the Apple Showtime event in San Francisco, featuring announcements about new products and updates to the iPod lineup.

  2. What were some of the key announcements made by Apple during the event?
    Apple announced plans to open new stores in the UK, enhance its flagship store in London, introduce brighter screens for the iPod, unveil new nanos with aluminum cases and increased storage capacities, and showcase the innovative ‘iTV’ device for streaming content to televisions.

  3. What improvements were made to the new iPod nanos?
    The new iPod nanos feature aluminum cases, vibrant colors, increased storage capacities of 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB, and are 0.4mm thinner than their predecessors.

  4. What features were highlighted in iTunes 7 during the event?
    iTunes 7 was demonstrated to automatically download album art for CDs, allow the transfer of purchased music between computers using an iPod, and offer other convenient features for music management.

  5. What was the audience’s reaction to the new iPod Shuffle?
    The new iPod Shuffle received praise for its design, including an aluminum case with a built-in clip for easy attachment. However, some attendees felt that more color options could have been offered to cater to different preferences.

  6. How does the new iPod Shuffle differ from its predecessor?
    Unlike the previous model that plugged directly into a USB port, the new iPod Shuffle comes with a dock for charging, which some users may find slightly less convenient.

  7. What similarities were noted between the new nanos and the iPod Mini?
    The new nanos were compared to the iPod Mini due to their similar casing and rounded sides, offering a nostalgic touch for fans of the earlier iPod models.

  8. How durable are the new aluminum nanos?
    The aluminum nanos were highlighted for their durability, as they were observed to withstand accidental drops with no visible damage, emphasizing their robust design for everyday use.

  9. What premium features are offered in the black-colored nanos?
    Black-colored nanos are available in the 8GB model for a premium price, catering to users who prefer a sleek and sophisticated color option.

  10. What was the reception of the new iPod lineup by attendees?
    Attendees showed enthusiasm for the new iPod lineup, with particular excitement surrounding the innovative features, design improvements, and expanded functionalities of the devices.

  11. How did Apple address the issue of charging convenience for the new iPod Shuffle?
    Apple included a dock with the new iPod Shuffle to maintain its compact size while providing a convenient charging solution for users looking to charge their devices effortlessly.

  12. Where can viewers find more information about the event and the new iPods?
    Viewers can access a video report on the new iPods by reviewers Chris Stevens and Andrew Lim in the Miscellaneous section of the Video Archive on the CNET website.

The Apple event in London was a showcase of innovation and excitement, with attendees experiencing firsthand the unveiling of new products and updates to the iPod lineup. From brighter screens to aluminum cases and increased storage capacities, Apple’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology was evident throughout the event. The introduction of the ‘iTV’ device for streaming content to televisions further highlighted Apple’s focus on enhancing the consumer experience. As attendees explored and interacted with the new devices, the event sparked enthusiasm and anticipation for the future of Apple’s product offerings. For more information and insights on the event and the latest iPods, visit the CNET website for a detailed video report by industry experts.