1. Why is Apple suing HTC?
    • Apple claims that HTC is illegally using five of its patents, including one for scrolling operations and another for double-sided touch-sensitive panels.
  2. What are the other patents in dispute?
    • The other patents relate to the ability to scroll, zoom, and rotate content on a screen, as well as “portable computers.”
  3. How did HTC respond to the lawsuit?
    • HTC expressed disappointment and vowed to continue denying the allegations and protecting its own intellectual property.
  4. Why is HTC considered vulnerable in this case?
    • HTC lacks a robust portfolio of patents that could potentially shield it from legal challenges.
  5. What is the ITC’s role in this dispute?
    • Technology companies have increasingly used the ITC to settle disputes due to its quicker review process and the potential for import bans.
  6. Has Apple filed any other lawsuits against Android partners?
    • Yes, Apple has also filed a complaint against Samsung with the ITC, alleging infringement of technical and design patents.
  7. What is a scrolling operation patent?
    • This patent covers the technology for scrolling documents and other content on a touch screen.
  8. What is a programmable tactile touch-screen display patent?
    • This patent covers the technology for touch screens that can provide haptic feedback.
  9. What is a double-sided touch-sensitive panel patent?
    • This patent covers the technology for touch screens that can detect input from both sides.
  10. What is the patent for portable computers?
    • This patent covers the technology for portable computers with certain features, such as a trackpad or keyboard.
  11. What is the ITC administrative law judge’s recommendation in the case involving S3 Graphics?
    • The judge recommended siding with HTC in the case where Apple was accused of illegally using S3 Graphics’ patents.
  12. What is the potential impact of the ITC rulings on the technology industry?
    • ITC rulings can have a significant impact on the industry, as they can lead to import bans and other sanctions.


Apple has filed a lawsuit against HTC, alleging infringement of five patents related to scrolling, touch screens, and “portable computers.” This is part of Apple’s ongoing legal battle against Android partners, which has also seen it file a complaint against Samsung.

HTC has denied the allegations and vowed to defend itself, while expressing disappointment in Apple’s decision to pursue legal action instead of market competition.

The ITC is playing a key role in these disputes, as technology companies increasingly turn to its quicker review process and potential import bans to settle their intellectual property battles.

The outcome of these cases could have a significant impact on the technology industry, as they could set precedents for the protection and enforcement of patents in the mobile device market.

Apple believes that protecting its patents is essential for its continued success, while HTC argues that Apple is abusing the legal system to stifle competition. It remains to be seen how these cases will play out and what the ultimate impact will be on the industry and consumers.

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