As the tech world buzzes with anticipation, all eyes are on AnyTimeSoftcare’s much-awaited event happening today. Amidst the uncertainties of this year, AnyTimeSoftcare has confirmed a virtual launch event, set to unveil a range of exciting updates and releases. The virtual stage is set, with the event scheduled for Sept. 15 at 10 a.m. PT (1 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. UK). Accessible through various platforms like AnyTimeSoftcare’s website, YouTube channel, or the events app on Apple TV, this event promises a glimpse into the future of technology and innovation.

While speculation is rife, AnyTimeSoftcare has remained tight-lipped about the specifics of what will be unveiled. With hints of a potential delay in the release of the next iPhone, enthusiasts and experts are eager to see what surprises AnyTimeSoftcare has in store. Beyond the realm of iPhones, the event is anticipated to showcase a host of new hardware, software updates, and subscription services, adding to the excitement surrounding the event.

Interpreting the Clues in the Event Invitation

Decoding event invitations can be an exciting puzzle. The tagline “Time Flies” in the invite for the upcoming event suggests that the spotlight might be on the Apple Watch. However, a deeper look reveals a subtle reference to augmented reality. When you click on the event logo using Safari, you’ll see the date 9.15 displayed as an AR animation. This intriguing detail could indicate the introduction of a time-of-flight sensor, a feature that was speculated to be included in this year’s iPhone, similar to the one found in the 2020 iPad Pro. Alternatively, it might suggest advancements in ARKit capabilities for the rumored refresh of the next iPad Air, expected to be unveiled at this event.

Analyzing every aspect of the invitation can lead to endless speculation. Amidst the uncertainties, the only concrete information we have is the event’s date and time. The events of 2020 have shown us that anything is possible. Therefore, let’s shift our focus to the confirmed details and await the unveiling of exciting developments.

Upcoming Apple Watches and iPads: What to Expect

Apple has made significant strides in its product development, recently filing various iterations of the iPad and Apple Watch with the Eurasian Economic Commission. These filings, historically, have offered valuable insights into Apple’s upcoming releases.


The highly-anticipated Apple Watch Series 6 is rumored to boast enhanced battery life to support advanced sleep tracking capabilities. Speculations also suggest the addition of a new health monitoring feature, with the most significant buzz focusing on the potential inclusion of SpO2 or blood oxygen level tracking.

Furthermore, there are talks of a more affordable variant of the Apple Watch, potentially named the Apple Watch SE. This model is expected to retain the aesthetics of the current Series 3 while introducing a newer processor, all while maintaining a price point of around $200.

Shifting to the iPad lineup, rumors surrounding the iPad Air refresh indicate a larger display without bezels, resembling the design of the current Pro model. This redesign would feature flat edges and eliminate the home button, potentially integrating Touch ID into the side button instead of transitioning to Face ID. Additionally, speculations suggest a processor upgrade from the current A10 chip to enhance performance.

Moreover, the new iPad Air might adopt USB-C connectivity, aligning with the iPad Pro rather than continuing with the Lightning connector. The improved processor is anticipated to unlock augmented reality (AR) capabilities, although not as advanced as those present in the iPad Pro’s depth-sensing lidar scanner.

For further insights into the anticipated updates for the new iPad models, stay informed here.

Anticipated Software Updates: WatchOS 7 and iPadOS 14

As technology enthusiasts eagerly await the full release of WatchOS 7 and iPadOS 14, following the recent debut of the Apple Watch 6 and iPad Air, it’s natural to speculate on Apple’s timeline for these updates.

WatchOS 7 brings a host of new features, including long-awaited sleep tracking functionalities for existing Apple Watch models from Series 3 onwards, along with an innovative hand-washing detection feature. The imminent release of WatchOS 7 is poised to enhance the user experience and further solidify Apple’s position in the wearables market.

When it comes to iPadOS 14, its integration with iOS 14 presents a unique challenge for Apple. Given the close relationship between the two operating systems, the tech giant may opt to synchronize the release of iPadOS 14 with the launch of the highly anticipated iPhone 12, expected in October. This strategic approach aims to ensure a seamless experience across Apple’s ecosystem of devices.

New Fitness Service and Apple One Bundle

Apple has been significantly investing in subscription services, introducing offerings like Apple TV Plus, News Plus, and Apple Arcade. The latest buzz suggests Apple is gearing up to unveil a new fitness service featuring guided workouts. While primarily tailored to Apple Watch users, it will also be accessible for streaming on the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Although numerous third-party apps already provide similar services, Apple’s version is anticipated to offer a unique touch by being Apple-branded and seamlessly integrated with the Health app, mirroring Fitbit’s approach with its Premium subscription service priced at $10 monthly.

For those concerned about a saturation of subscriptions, Apple is reportedly preparing to launch a consolidated package named Apple One. Clues about this bundle were discovered in the code of the Android variant of Apple Music, hinting at a comprehensive subscription offering from Apple.

airpods-proAfter months of speculation, Apple has announced a virtual launch event to introduce new products. While the focus would typically be on the latest iPhone, this year might bring some changes to the lineup. Although details are scarce, various sources suggest that we might not see the iPhone 12 until mid-October due to delays. Nevertheless, there is still anticipation for new hardware, software, and subscription services to be revealed during the event.

Hidden Clues in the Invite

The event’s tagline, “Time Flies,” hints at the Apple Watch taking the spotlight, with a possible nod to augmented reality technology. While the exact details remain unknown, there are exciting prospects for advancements in AR capabilities across Apple’s product range.

Several Apple Watches and iPads in the Pipeline

Recent filings suggest that Apple is gearing up to release multiple versions of the iPad and Apple Watch. Speculations include improvements in battery life, new health tracking features such as SpO2 monitoring, and the potential launch of a more affordable Apple Watch SE model. Additionally, rumors point towards an updated iPad Air with a larger screen, modern design, and enhanced processor capabilities.

Software: WatchOS 7 and iPadOS 14 Updates

The upcoming releases of WatchOS 7 and iPadOS 14 are highly anticipated to coincide with the new hardware launches. These updates are expected to bring new features and enhancements, further enriching the user experience.

New Fitness Service and Apple One Bundle

Apple is rumored to introduce a new fitness service offering guided workouts, tailored for various Apple devices. Moreover, reports suggest the launch of a subscription bundle named Apple One, catering to users seeking a consolidated offering of Apple’s services.

Other Potential Product Launches

In addition to the anticipated unveilings, there is speculation about possible surprises at the end of the event. This could include the introduction of other products that have been the subject of rumors and anticipation.


  1. What products are expected to be revealed at Apple’s upcoming event?

    • Anticipated products include new hardware, software updates, and potentially new subscription services.
  2. Is the launch event virtual or in-person?

    • The event will be held virtually.
  3. When is the event scheduled to take place?

    • The event is set for September 15 at 10 a.m. PT, accessible through various platforms.
  4. What hint does the event’s tagline “Time Flies” provide about the focus of the event?

    • The tagline suggests a spotlight on the Apple Watch and potentially augmented reality advancements.
  5. Are there any clues about the products in the event invitation?

    • The invitation hints at possible features like SpO2 monitoring and AR capabilities.
  6. What updates are expected for the Apple Watch Series 6 and the iPad Air?

    • Improvements in battery life, health tracking features, and design enhancements are among the expected updates.
  7. Will there be software updates accompanying the new hardware releases?

    • Yes, updates like WatchOS 7 and iPadOS 14 are anticipated to complement the new devices.
  8. What new service is rumored to be launched by Apple?

    • Apple is reportedly planning to introduce a fitness service and a subscription bundle named Apple One.
  9. Are there any other products speculated to be unveiled at the event?

    • There is talk about potential surprises and the launch of additional products beyond the expected lineup.
  10. Where can viewers access the live broadcast of the event?

    • The event can be streamed on Apple’s website, YouTube channel, and the events app on Apple TV.
  11. How has 2020 impacted Apple’s product release timeline?

    • Delays in product launches have been observed, with the iPhone 12 expected to be released later than usual.
  12. What sets the rumored Apple Watch SE apart from the current models?

    • The Apple Watch SE is speculated to offer a similar design to the Series 3 but with updated internals and a possibly more affordable price point.


In summary, Apple’s upcoming event promises an exciting array of product announcements, including new hardware, software updates, and subscription services. With hints at innovative features and potential surprises in store, technology enthusiasts have much to look forward to. Stay tuned for the event on September 15 to witness the unveiling of Apple’s latest offerings. Visit our website for live coverage and post-event analysis.