Smartphone sales are on the rise, with a 47 percent increase in sales compared to last year, making up 28 percent of all handsets sold in the U.S. The growth of smartphones is undeniable, and Google Android devices are expected to play a significant role in this market expansion.


  1. What percentage of U.S. handset sales do smartphones account for?

    • Smartphones make up 28% of all U.S. handset sales.
  2. How much did smartphone sales increase by compared to the previous year?

    • Smartphone sales increased by 47% from the previous year.
  3. Which company denies rumors about working on Android devices despite facing slipping market share?

    • Nokia has denied rumors about working on Android devices despite experiencing a decline in market share.
  4. Which manufacturer became the second one to release an Android phone this year and which carriers offer their phones?

    • Samsung became the second manufacturer to release an Android phone this year, with Sprint expected to launch their InstinctQ soon.
  5. Which major alliance was LG a founding member of but hasn’t generated much buzz around its Android offerings yet?

    • LG was a founding member of the Open Handset Alliance but hasn’t created significant buzz around its current Android lineup.
  6. **How many new Motorola phones are expected for release this year, and what event will they host centered around Android support next month?

  • Motorola is set to release two new android phones for two different carriers this year and also hosting an upcoming developers summit focused on android

7: Which other company besides Samsung plans on releasing their own line-up^

  • Sony Ericsson plans on releasing its own line-up powered by android

8: How many devices should users expect before end-year that run off Andriod software?

  • This holiday season Users should expect between 15 & 20 New Devices running off Andriod software

9: What would be some potential candidates slated for upgrade if any company decides upon using Amdroid OS
-Popular product lines such as Walkman & Cyber-shot could be slated upgrades under any device manufacturers changeover leverage.`

10; What did Moto most likely confirm about developing Rayes Linetup after Oct31st
-Moto promises it will feature various variations launching come 2010

11: When can we anticipate most announcements coming as per industry insiders according towards developments within tech manufactures starting late Nov or Early Dec leading into JanQ:
+Prepare yourself For numerous announcemnets heading your way at latest early December moving forward every quarter into Mid-January regarding brand-new products across several brands’

12; I’ve been hearing whispers regrading possible launches later Q3/Q4 those mfg hold out hope developements pegged chances getting update when:
-Speculation points towards probable releases amid Q’s spanning both Seasonal transisitionations


The increasing dominance of smartphones in today’s market highlights the importance for manufacturers like Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola, and Sony Ericsson to adapt effectively.

Nokia faces declining market share but remains committed to Symbian over adopting Android technology – potentially impacting its position globally versus within US markets specifically needing innovative strategies for greater penetration.

Samsung’s focus shifts onto high-end smartphones facilitated by securing FCC approval suggesting future collaborations intersecting exclusive partnerships promoting mobile innovations.

LG aligns itself through collaborative efforts within Open Handset Alliance conducive fostering overdue enthusiasm surrounding anticipated commercial appeal awaiting audience reception tied closer integration offering wider consumer options amidst localized availability challenges prevalent across neighboring regions earmarking forthcoming additions incorporating improved user-experience interfaces accommodating extended functionalities matching evolving demands attracting diversified demographics intersectional refinement prompting buy-in synergies geared burgeoning ecologies cultivating blossoming adopterships further enriching metropolitan mobility landscapes broadening general accessibilities augmenting digital inclusivity thresholds while acknowledging sustainable smart-solutions sensibilities maintaining competitive relevancy vis-a-vis pre-existing incumbents concurrent advancing adaptive adaptations encompassing proactive participatory roles injected full-throttled engagements 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