Finally, there’s a positive development in the mobile technology industry as Motorola, the U.S.-based cell phone manufacturer, has announced the profitability of its mobile device unit for the first time since 2006. This achievement comes earlier than expected, with the company not anticipating profitability until the following year. The third-quarter earnings report also highlighted an impressive performance with better-than-expected sales of Motorola’s Google Android-powered smartphones.


  1. What is the significant milestone achieved by Motorola recently?

    • Motorola reported operating profit in its mobile device unit, marking the first time since 2006.
  2. How did the company’s mobile device unit perform in the third quarter?

    • The mobile device unit generated $3 million in operating profit, a significant improvement from an operating loss of $183 million in the same period last year.
  3. What was the total profit and earnings per share for the company in the third quarter?

    • Motorola’s total profit grew to $109 million, with earnings per share at 5 cents, compared to $12 million and 1 cent per share in the previous year.
  4. What was the revenue growth percentage for Motorola in the third quarter?

    • Revenue increased by 6 percent to $5.8 billion, up from $5.4 billion the previous year.
  5. What strategic move is Motorola planning for the future?

    • Motorola intends to split itself into two companies and has been selling off business units to facilitate this transition.
  6. How many phones did Motorola ship during the quarter, and what was the analyst expectation for smartphones?

    • In the quarter, Motorola shipped 9.1 million phones, including 3.8 million smartphones, exceeding the analysts’ expectation of about 3.57 million smartphones.
  7. What is Motorola’s focus within its mobile device unit regarding smartphone development?

    • Motorola is concentrating on expanding its smartphone portfolio utilizing Google’s Android operating system.
  8. How is Motorola expanding its smartphone offerings internationally?

    • Motorola has introduced 22 smartphones this year, including new devices in China, and is enhancing its Droid phone range, with new models launching on Verizon Wireless.
  9. What are the competitive challenges faced by Motorola in the smartphone market?

    • Rising competition from companies like Microsoft, Samsung, and HTC, as well as potential threats from Verizon Wireless launching its version of the Apple iPhone.
  10. How does Motorola plan to address competition and continue its market presence?

    • Motorola aims to maintain strong relationships with carriers like Verizon while diversifying across various carriers and expanding into international markets like China.
  11. What new product categories is Motorola planning to venture into?

    • Motorola is preparing to introduce a tablet PC, codenamed Gingerbread, to compete with Apple’s iPad and other tablets in the market.
  12. How does Motorola view its position in the high-end smartphone market and its impact on overall sales?

    • Motorola recognizes the importance of a strong presence in the high-end smartphone segment, which influences the sales of midtier devices and supports international sales efforts.


Motorola’s recent financial success, marked by the return to profitability of its mobile device unit and impressive sales figures, showcases a positive trajectory for the company in a competitive market. With a strategic focus on expanding its smartphone offerings, solidifying partnerships with carriers, including Verizon, and venturing into new product categories like tablets, Motorola is positioning itself for continued growth and innovation. By diversifying its portfolio and targeting both domestic and international markets, Motorola is poised to navigate the evolving landscape of the mobile technology industry successfully.

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