Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster shared his insights on Apple’s potential releases for 2012. He foresees a redesigned iPhone 5 launching in the summer and speculates on the possibility of a singular iPad 3 model, contrary to rumors of a broader iPad lineup.


  1. What are Gene Munster’s predictions for Apple in 2012?
    Gene Munster anticipates the launch of an iPhone 5 with a fresh design in midsummer and suggests the possibility of a single iPad 3 model.

  2. How many iPhone units does Munster project Apple to sell through 2013?
    Munster forecasts Apple to sell around 142 million iPhone units by 2013 in his “base case” scenario, with a potential increase to 162 million units in the “bull case” scenario.

  3. What revenue growth does Munster forecast for Apple based on iPhone sales?
    He predicts an 18 percent increase in revenue from the previous year in the “base case” scenario and a 35 percent increase in the “bull case” scenario.

  4. What is the significance of Munster’s revenue predictions for Apple?
    Munster’s revenue predictions for Apple remain conservative at 14 percent due to his expectation of just one iPad model for 2012.

  5. Are there any rumors about Apple releasing multiple iPad models in 2012?
    Contrary to Munster’s prediction, rumors suggest that Apple might introduce various iPad models, potentially expanding its product line significantly.

  6. How reliable are Munster’s predictions regarding Apple’s product releases?
    Munster’s insights are speculative, based on industry knowledge and analysis, but they are not definitive indications of Apple’s production plans.


Gene Munster, a respected analyst, has outlined his expectations for Apple’s product releases in 2012, foreseeing a redesigned iPhone 5 and a potential singular iPad 3 model. While Munster’s predictions hint at conservative revenue growth, rumors speculate on the prospect of Apple broadening its iPad lineup.

For readers intrigued by Apple’s future offerings, understanding these projections can provide valuable insights into potential market trends and product strategies. As the tech landscape evolves, staying informed about industry forecasts can aid decision-making and anticipation of upcoming releases.

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