In response to the current global situation, Amazon has taken steps to prioritize the delivery of essential items such as medical supplies and household essentials to its customers. This decision follows a surge in demand from individuals staying home due to safety measures against the ongoing pandemic. As part of this initiative, shipments of nonessential products may experience delays of up to a month in the United States.

By temporarily shifting focus towards stocking and distributing vital goods efficiently, Amazon aims to streamline its logistics processes and ensure timely delivery to those who need it most. While some orders, like toys and musical instruments, may take longer than usual to arrive, the impact on customers is less severe compared to certain regions where restrictions on nonessential items have been more stringent.

To adapt further amidst these challenging times, Amazon has announced plans for significant recruitment drives aimed at hiring 100,000 additional workers in the US. Moreover, efforts are being made internally to enhance safety protocols for warehouse employees and delivery personnel through increased sanitation practices and operational adjustments.

Amazon has recently made adjustments to its delivery operations in the US, prioritizing essential items like medical supplies and household basics over nonessential products. This move is aimed at ensuring that crucial items are stocked and delivered promptly during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. As a result, some nonessential shipments may experience delays of up to a month.

The company’s decision to focus on essential goods comes in response to the increased demand for these products from customers staying at home to reduce the spread of the virus. By streamlining its logistics processes, Amazon aims to keep its supply chains efficient and less congested.

While US customers may experience longer wait times for certain nonessential items such as toys and musical instruments, this delay is not as pronounced compared to other countries like France and Italy, where Amazon has halted orders for non-priority items due to the impact of the pandemic.

In addition to these changes, Amazon is taking proactive steps to address the current situation by hiring 100,000 more workers in the US, raising wages for hourly employees, implementing enhanced safety measures at warehouses and delivery centers including increased cleaning procedures, and adjusting operational protocols to ensure employee well-being.

Despite these efforts, concerns have been raised by some warehouse staff regarding safety measures and additional benefits. There have been calls for more protective gear and paid time off among workers who feel that further precautions should be taken amidst the health crisis.


  1. Why is Amazon delaying deliveries of nonessential items?

    • Amazon is focusing on prioritizing essential goods like medical supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. How long can shipments be delayed?

    • Some nonessential shipments may experience delays of up to a month.
  3. What are considered essential items by Amazon?

    • Essential items include baby formula, medical supplies, household basics, sanitizers
  4. Is this change specific only in the US?

    • While there are delays in certain regions like France and Italy too due affected heavily by coronavirus

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