A couple of intriguing images have surfaced online today, sparking excitement within the Android community regarding the possible unveiling of the highly anticipated Nexus tablet. Originally shared on PhoneArena, these two pictures offer a somewhat clear glimpse of the rumored device.

The front side of the device showcases a white face, while the back appears to sport dual colors – black at the top and silver at the bottom. The positioning of the Google logo suggests that the tablet is likely designed for portrait mode, a departure from the more common landscape mode seen in Android devices. Additionally, the presence of the Asus logo at the bottom aligns with long-standing rumors about the hardware’s manufacturer.

Initial impressions suggest that this could be a sleek 7-inch tablet, drawing inspiration from the aesthetic of Samsung’s Galaxy S III. Despite not bearing a strong resemblance to other Asus products, the design is undeniably appealing.

However, questions arise about the authenticity of these images. Some sources speculate that these could be fabricated to cater to eager fans. Notable observations point out peculiar features like a speaker near the top of the tablet and sensors that seem out of place unless the device is intended for phone-like use. Other inconsistencies such as identical glare spots and blurred logos raise further doubts.

Nonetheless, it’s common practice for companies to create renders and mockups for internal purposes, possibly explaining the origins of these images. As Google’s I/O event approaches, slated for 2012, the truth behind these images may soon come to light.

For readers intrigued by this potential Nexus tablet leak, it’s advisable to await official announcements from Google to confirm the validity of these images. Stay tuned for more updates as the story unfolds.


  1. What sparked excitement in the Android community regarding a possible Nexus tablet?
    • The release of two images online showcasing a rumored Nexus tablet design.
  2. What are the noticeable features of the front and back of the device in the images?
    • The front has a white face, while the back displays black and silver colors with distinct logos.
  3. Which mode does the tablet seem to be designed for based on the positioning of logos?
    • The tablet appears to be designed for portrait mode, unlike the landscape mode typically seen in Android devices.
  4. Why is Asus’s involvement significant in this potential tablet leak?
    • The presence of the Asus logo aligns with long-standing rumors about the hardware’s manufacturer.
  5. What design inspirations are suggested by the appearance of the tablet?
    • The tablet draws design cues from Samsung’s Galaxy S III while maintaining an attractive aesthetic.
  6. What are some doubts raised about the authenticity of the leaked images?
    • Concerns include the presence of features like a speaker and sensors seemingly unnecessary for a tablet.
  7. Why are inconsistencies like identical glare spots and blurred logos significant in the analysis?
    • They raise suspicions about the credibility of the images and hint at possible fabrication.
  8. How common is it for companies to create renders and mockups similar to these leaked images?
    • It’s a standard practice for companies to design such visuals for internal discussions and presentations.
  9. When can readers expect more clarity on the authenticity of the leaked images?
    • With Google’s I/O event approaching in 2012, official announcements may provide insights into the images’ validity.
  10. What is the recommended course of action for individuals interested in this potential Nexus tablet leak?
    • Stay tuned for updates from Google to confirm the authenticity of the leaked images before drawing conclusions.
  11. Why is it crucial to await official announcements regarding such leaks?
    • Official confirmations from the manufacturer provide reliable information and dispel any uncertainties surrounding leaked images.
  12. Where can readers find more information on the Nexus tablet and related updates?
    • Keep an eye on reputable tech news sources and Google’s official announcements for the latest information on the Nexus tablet.


The leaked images of a possible Nexus tablet have stirred excitement within the Android community, offering a glimpse of what could be a stylish 7-inch device with design elements reminiscent of Samsung’s Galaxy S III. While the authenticity of these images is questioned due to peculiar features and inconsistencies, it’s essential to await official confirmations from Google to verify the validity of these leaks. As the tech world eagerly anticipates Google’s I/O event, slated for 2012, more insights into this potential Nexus tablet may soon be revealed. Stay informed and watch for updates from reliable sources to follow this intriguing development closely and gain a comprehensive understanding of the situation.