Introducing the latest buzz in the tech world – rumors swirling around the highly anticipated AirPods Studio from AnyTimeSoftcare! With Apple’s recent unveiling of the AirPods Max, priced at $549 and set to hit the shelves on December 15, tech enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting more news on the AirPods Studio. Despite a year filled with new releases such as the iPhone 12 lineup, Apple Watches, iPads, and the HomePod Mini, the AirPods Studio has remained shrouded in mystery.

Reports hint at potential production delays, possibly pushing the release to 2021. However, clues found in iOS 14.3 beta code suggest that Apple is diligently working on these premium over-ear headphones. Speculations have been rife since 2018 about Apple venturing into the over-ear headphone market, especially after the success of the AirPods and AirPods Pro.

With features like noise cancellation and a transparency mode for enhanced safety, the AirPods Studio is poised to be a game-changer. As Apple streamlines its audio offerings under the AirPods umbrella, the anticipation for the AirPods Studio continues to grow. Stay tuned as we delve into everything we know about these cutting-edge headphones!A new headphone model has been making waves in the tech world, as glimpsed through iOS 14. This discovery offers insights into the potential design of the AirPods Studio. The icon found within the iOS 14 code reveals a classic over-ear headphone with cushioned ear cups, sporting a white or gray color scheme that may cater to light and dark modes in iOS.

It’s not uncommon for product images or glyphs to appear in software before their official release. Past examples include the early sightings of AirPods Pro, PowerBeats Pro, and PowerBeats 4 in glyph form, foreshadowing their eventual announcements. Further fueling the speculation, another image surfaced during the iOS 14.3 developer beta, hinting at a possible headphone design.

Rumors from Bloomberg added fuel to the fire, suggesting that Apple could be working on different versions of over-ear headphones, ranging from fitness-focused models to ones flaunting premium leather-like finishes. Speculation even hinted at the possibility of customizable components, akin to the customizable options available for the Apple Watch.

In a twist of events, a Twitter user known as @choco_bit shared images and a video allegedly showcasing the Sport variant of the AirPods Pro. The design features squareish ear cups and a headband reminiscent of the HomePod mesh material. Impressions of this design vary among enthusiasts, with comparisons drawn to different tech devices.

Renowned Apple leaker Jon Prosser chimed in, sharing his own render of the AirPods Studio, highlighting features such as high-quality leather, magnetic ear cups, and a reversible design that automatically detects the right and left sides. Notably, these renders also omitted a headphone jack in favor of a USB-C port.

Prosser hinted at a starting price of $349 for the AirPods Studio, placing them in the league of other premium headphones like the Bose 700 and Sony WH-1000XM4. As the tech world eagerly anticipates the official unveiling of the AirPods Studio, enthusiasts continue to speculate on the innovative features and design elements that Apple may bring to the table.

A Sneak Peek into the Potential Features of AirPods Studio

One of the most exciting aspects of the rumored AirPods Studio is the speculation surrounding its potential internal components. Reports suggest that these headphones might incorporate a sensor that can detect whether they are placed on your head or around your neck, enabling them to automatically play or pause music accordingly. This functionality mirrors that of the AirPods, which feature sensors that detect when an earbud is removed.


The AirPods Pro, for instance, can intelligently sense when they are removed from the ears.

Unlike traditional over-ear headphones, the AirPods Studio may offer a unique wearing experience without a designated right or wrong orientation. It is speculated that these headphones could automatically detect how they are worn and adjust the audio channels accordingly.

Moreover, similar to the AirPods Pro with its adaptive equalizer that customizes sound based on individual factors such as ear shape, the AirPods Studio may need to provide users with the ability to adjust equalizer settings to compete effectively with established brands like Bose and Sony.

While specific details about the battery life of the AirPods Studio remain undisclosed, a comparable product, the Beats Solo Pro, offers up to 22 hours of playback time with noise cancellation on (or up to 40 hours without).

It is reasonable to anticipate that the AirPods Studio would feature a touch panel or some form of playback control mechanism to enable users to manage audio playback conveniently without reaching for their devices, reminiscent of the intuitive tap controls found in the standard AirPods or the stem controls in the AirPods Pro.

Recent reports suggest that the production of AirPods Studio may encounter delays, with potential modifications to certain features before the final release. As with any innovative product, there may be adjustments needed before the anticipated December launch date.

AirPods Studio Release Postponed to 2021

A recent report from Bloomberg suggests that the launch of AirPods Studio has been rescheduled to 2021 due to unexpected production challenges. These issues primarily revolve around the headband design being tighter than anticipated. Additionally, certain modular components and touch panel sizes on the headphone cups have undergone adjustments. While the replaceable headband feature might be excluded from the final product, users can likely still expect interchangeable ear pads for customization.

AirPods Studio Optimizing Audio Experience with Apple’s U1 Chip

Apple’s U1 chip, initially introduced in the iPhone 11 series, has garnered relatively little attention since its launch. While currently enhancing AirDrop functionality, its capabilities extend far beyond mere file sharing. There is great potential for the U1 chip, particularly in precise location tracking. A tweet by @L0vetodream suggested that the AirPods Studio may integrate this cutting-edge technology.

Integrating the U1 chip in the AirPods Studio could revolutionize user experience. It has the potential to enhance audio routing based on how the headphones are positioned, ultimately leading to an optimized audio experience. Additionally, leveraging this chip could significantly improve the accuracy of locating the AirPods Studio using the Find My app.


  1. What are the latest updates on Apple’s new over-ear headphones?

    • Apple recently announced the AirPods Max, priced at $549, with a release date set for December 15.
  2. What new products did Apple release in 2020?

    • In 2020, Apple unveiled four new iPhone 12 models, two Apple Watches, iPads, and the HomePod Mini.
  3. Why have the AirPods Studio headphones and AirTags not been released yet?

    • Production delays, as reported by Bloomberg, have caused a delay in the release of the AirPods Studio.
  4. What features are expected in the AirPods Studio headphones?

    • The AirPods Studio headphones are anticipated to feature noise cancellation, transparency mode, and a sleek design.
  5. Is Apple likely to consolidate its audio products under the AirPods brand?

    • With the success of the AirPods, Apple may integrate all its audio devices under the AirPods umbrella for a cohesive user experience.
  6. What design details have been uncovered about the AirPods Studio headphones?

    • Images from iOS 14 code and leaks suggest a stylish over-ear design with customizable components.
  7. What price range is expected for the AirPods Studio headphones?

    • Speculations indicate that the AirPods Studio could be priced around $349, competing with other premium headphone brands.
  8. What unique sensors and audio tools are rumored to be featured in the AirPods Studio?

    • Reports suggest the AirPods Studio could include sensors for detecting wear, adaptive equalizer, and touch controls for a seamless user experience.
  9. What are the potential production delays faced by the AirPods Studio?

    • Production setbacks including tight headband design and component modifications have led to delays in the AirPods Studio release.
  10. Could the AirPods Studio incorporate Apple’s U1 chip technology?

    • There are speculations that the AirPods Studio might leverage Apple’s U1 chip for enhanced features like precise location tracking.
  11. Will Apple merge the AirPods and Beats brands?

    • The integration of AirPods and Beats remains uncertain, as both brands offer distinct features and a loyal customer base.
  12. What is the future outlook for Beats headphones amidst the AirPods Studio release?

    • While the Beats Solo Pro received a price cut, the future of Beats and its relationship with Apple’s AirPods remains unclear.


The tech world is abuzz with anticipation for Apple’s latest innovation, the AirPods Studio. With a sleek design, advanced features like noise cancellation, and customizable components, these over-ear headphones promise an exceptional audio experience. Despite production delays and speculations about sensor technology and pricing, consumers eagerly await the release of the AirPods Studio. As Apple continues to push boundaries in audio technology, the integration of AirPods and Beats remains a topic of debate in the industry. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development and be ready to elevate your audio experience with Apple’s AirPods Studio.