Apple is enhancing its AirTags sensors by adjusting the timing of the audible alerts when separated from the owner. Additionally, the company is working on new ways to notify individuals about the presence of an unexpected AirTag or Find My network-enabled device nearby. The updates aim to improve privacy and security for users.


  1. What changes is Apple making to its AirTags sensors?

    • Apple is updating the timing of the audible alerts when AirTags are separated from their owners. The alerts will now occur at random times within a window of 8 to 24 hours.
  2. How is Apple reassuring people about AirTags’ privacy and security?

    • Apple has introduced proactive features to discourage unwanted tracking and is developing an app for Android devices to help detect AirTags or Find My network-enabled devices.
  3. What is the purpose of Apple’s Find My network technology?

    • Apple’s Find My network technology helps users locate lost items by using onboard sensors and wireless signals to pinpoint the item’s location.
  4. How much do Apple AirTags cost?

    • Apple AirTags are priced at $29 each or $99 for a four-pack.
  5. What privacy concerns have been raised about AirTags?

    • Privacy advocates have expressed concerns that AirTags could potentially be misused for stalking due to their tracking capabilities.
  6. How does Apple address the privacy and security issues associated with AirTags?

    • Apple ensures that the unique identifying codes for each AirTag are frequently changed, and communication is encrypted to prevent hacking and unauthorized tracking.
  7. What actions can individuals take if they find an unwanted AirTag with them?

    • Users can tap the AirTag with an iPhone or NFC-capable phone to receive instructions on how to disable it.
  8. When will Apple release the Android app for AirTag detection?

    • Apple plans to launch the Android app for detecting AirTags later this year.


Apple has announced updates to its AirTags to enhance user privacy and security. The changes include adjusting the timing of alerts when AirTags are separated from their owners and developing an app for Android devices to detect nearby AirTags. Despite initial privacy concerns, Apple has implemented features to deter unwanted tracking and ensure encrypted communication to safeguard user data. The company continues to prioritize the improvement of AirTags’ privacy and security features, reflecting its commitment to delivering a safe and reliable tracking solution for users. For more information and updates regarding Apple AirTags, visit the official Apple website.