Adobe’s latest iPad drawing app, Fresco, is an innovative tool that incorporates the dynamics of ink, paper, and paint into the digital drawing experience. Originally introduced as Project Gemini, Fresco stands out from other drawing apps for its unique feature called “live brushes,” which mimic the natural interaction of paint or ink with paper. By leveraging Adobe’s Sensei technology, these live brushes offer users a more realistic painting experience, allowing colors to blend and flow just like traditional mediums.

With the increasing capabilities of modern tablets like the iPad and styluses such as the Apple Pencil, digital drawing has evolved to a new level of creativity. Fresco not only offers live brushes but also includes traditional brushes found in Adobe Photoshop, as well as vector brushes for more precise work similar to Adobe Illustrator. The app caters to a wide range of users, from professional artists to beginners, by providing tools for creating artwork in layers and various brush options.

The name “Fresco” is inspired by a centuries-old painting technique where artists apply pigment to wet plaster, creating a permanent image once the plaster dries. Similarly, Adobe’s Fresco aims to capture the essence of this organic painting style in a digital format. Initially launching on the iPad, Adobe plans to make Fresco available on other touchscreen devices in the future.

As part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite, pricing details for Fresco have not been disclosed yet. However, the subscription plan typically offers access to the full range of Adobe software for a monthly fee. Whether Fresco will be included in this package or offered as a standalone product remains to be seen.

Overall, Fresco’s innovative features, intuitive interface, and wide range of brushes make it a promising tool for artists looking to explore digital drawing and painting. Stay tuned for more updates on Fresco’s release and pricing information.


  1. What is Adobe Fresco?
    Adobe Fresco is Adobe’s upcoming iPad drawing app that incorporates the physics of ink, paper, and paint into the digital drawing experience.

  2. What sets Fresco apart from other drawing apps?
    Fresco stands out for its “live brushes,” which simulate the interaction of paint or ink with paper, providing a more realistic painting experience.

  3. What devices is Fresco available on?
    Initially, Fresco will be available on the iPad, with plans to release it on other stylus-enabled and touchscreen devices later.

  4. What traditional brushes are included in Fresco?
    Fresco offers traditional brushes found in Adobe Photoshop, as well as precise vector brushes similar to Adobe Illustrator.

  5. How does Adobe explain the name “Fresco”?
    The name “Fresco” is inspired by a traditional painting technique where pigment is applied to wet plaster, creating a permanent image upon drying.

  6. Can beginners use Fresco?
    Yes, Fresco caters to both beginners and professional artists by offering user-friendly tools and customizable features.

  7. What pricing model does Adobe typically follow for its software?
    Adobe usually offers its software through the Creative Cloud subscription plan, which includes access to a full suite of applications for a monthly fee.

  8. Are there plans to offer Fresco as a standalone product?
    Details about Fresco’s pricing and availability as a standalone product have not been revealed yet.

  9. How does Adobe leverage its Sensei technology in Fresco?
    Adobe’s Sensei technology powers the live brushes in Fresco, allowing for realistic interactions between colors, ink, and paper.

  10. What creative possibilities do modern tablets like the iPad offer for digital artists?
    Tablets like the iPad, paired with styluses such as the Apple Pencil, provide high-resolution displays and standalone computing power for enhanced creativity in digital art.

  11. What unique feature does Fresco offer in terms of painting style?
    Fresco’s live brushes enable watercolor paints to flow and blend, mimicking natural painting techniques in a digital environment.

  12. How can users benefit from Fresco’s layering feature?
    Fresco allows users to work on artwork in layers, providing more flexibility and control over the creative process for both professionals and beginners.


Adobe’s upcoming iPad drawing app, Fresco, promises to revolutionize the digital drawing and painting experience with its innovative features and realistic painting simulations. From live brushes that mimic traditional mediums to a wide range of brush options suitable for all skill levels, Fresco caters to a diverse audience of artists. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a beginner looking to explore digital art, Fresco’s user-friendly interface and creative tools make it a promising addition to Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite. Keep an eye out for more updates on Fresco’s release and pricing details, and unleash your creativity with this exciting new app. Visit our website to stay updated and be the first to experience the magic of Fresco.