For the past week, I’ve had the opportunity to explore the beta version of the new iPhone OS 3.0. The update introduces a range of features to the iPhone, including multimedia messaging, cut and paste functionality, and a landscape keyboard. Overall, the new features have been more of a hit than a miss, especially considering they bring basic functionalities that are standard on most other smartphones.

Given that this is a beta version, it’s expected to have some bugs. My iPhone has been a bit slower and prone to crashes, which is typical for a version that’s still in development. However, I want to share my overall user experience with you.

Cut, Copy, and Paste: The cut/copy/paste feature works as advertised during the OS 3.0 announcement. Simply double-tap a selection to access the commands and adjust the highlighted area by dragging the blue “grab points.” While the “shake to undo” option is handy, currently, it seems to be limited to notes only.

Landscape Keyboard: After advocating for a landscape keyboard, I found it took some getting used to once I had it. While wider with larger buttons, it’s shorter, requiring a brief adjustment period. Nevertheless, having the ability to use two hands is a plus, and viewing the email inbox in landscape mode is a welcome addition.

Multimedia Messaging: The process of sending multimedia messages is straightforward, but I faced issues sending messages to phone numbers due to connection timeouts. Additionally, receiving MMS required clicking a link to view the image, which was a bit cumbersome. Despite these issues, the overall process is intuitive.

Text Messaging: Managing text messages is akin to the email app, allowing for easy deletion and forwarding of individual messages within a thread.

Spotlight: The search function in Spotlight is simple to use, displaying results grouped by category beneath the search bar. Although swiping to the Spotlight screen was a bit slow, performance is likely to improve with future updates.

Stereo Bluetooth: The addition of stereo Bluetooth support is a welcomed feature. Pairing with a stereo Bluetooth headset was seamless, and the music quality was impressive, rivaling that of wired headsets.

Camera Upgrades: After capturing a photo, a small version appears in the viewfinder for quick access to the photo viewer, enhancing the user experience.

Safari: The browser now offers an improved way to open links by tapping and holding on a link to reveal a menu of options, such as opening the link in a new page or saving an image.

Other Additions: Additional features like the voice recording app, shake to shuffle, revamped stocks app, and improved contact and meeting invite forwarding function as described, providing a simple and intuitive user experience.

In conclusion, the iPhone OS 3.0 beta version shows promise with its new features and improvements. I will continue to explore its capabilities over the coming weeks and look forward to providing a comprehensive report when the official release is available this summer. Stay tuned for more updates!