When TCL first unveiled its triple folding phone prototype with the innovative “DragonHinge” last year, it was still in its early stages. Fast forward to today; the company has made significant strides as we got our hands on this unique phone-tablet hybrid for a test run.


  1. What makes TCL’s triple folding phone stand out?

    • TCL’s triple folding phone stands out due to its innovative design featuring the “DragonHinge,” allowing it to bend in multiple directions.
  2. How does the device function when fully opened?

    • When fully opened, the device transforms into a 10-inch tablet with a spacious plastic display.
  3. Can you use only two screens of the device at once?

    • Yes, you can fold the device so that only two screens are open while either tucking away or using the unused portion to prop up the rest of the device.
  4. How does it look when folded into a more traditional phone-like shape?

    • The device folds down into three segments, each containing a 6.65-inch display and individual batteries, resembling three stacked phones when closed.
  5. Which operating system does this prototype run on?

    • The prototype runs on Android and adjusts accordingly as you open and close each screen segment.
  6. Is there any noticeable lag while switching modes on this prototype?

    • There is some lag observed while switching modes, which is expected for a concept device like this one.
  7. **How does it compare to other foldable phones like Samsung Galaxy Fold or Huawei Mate XS currently available in market?

    • While promising, TCL’s prototype is not yet at par with established players like Samsung or Huawei concerning functionality and performance.

8.**What other prototypes is TCL working on besides this tri-fold concept?

  • Apart from the tri-fold concept, TCL has showcased prototypes such as clamshell devices and slideables with unique features at tech exhibitions.

9 .**Does TCL have plans for commercial release of these prototypes mentioned?
–Though no definite timeline exists yet for commercial release,
Streit hinted at an upcoming foldable launch by mid-2021 alongside their plans for launching conventional smartphones like 10 Pro in US markets.


TCL has ventured into uncharted territories within mobile technology with its triple folding phone prototype that showcases innovation through its versatile design elements such as multi-directional bending capabilities powered by “DragonHinge.” Despite being in development phase, progress is evident as demonstrated by functioning screen segments adapting seamlessly thanks to Android integration.

As we await further developments from TCL regarding these inventive concepts transitioning into consumer-ready products possibly by mid-2021 based on Stefan Streit’s insights during interviews about entering global phone markets under their brand name alongwith collaborating closely with Google for optimizing user experience across various form factors including foldables.