In the tech arena, a new player is shaking up the scene as Qualcomm takes a unique approach in its ongoing tussle with a giant like Apple. As Apple retaliated against Qualcomm’s alleged misuse of its battery management tech in Snapdragon processors, Qualcomm made a bold move by resurrecting the iconic Palm Pre in its legal arsenal. Acquiring patents from Palm in 2014, Qualcomm now wields this technology against Apple, harking back to the era when the Palm Pre was hailed as the potential “iPhone killer.”

This unexpected twist adds an intriguing chapter to the clash between these industry behemoths. Apple, renowned for its innovation and market dominance, clashes with Qualcomm, a powerhouse in mobile chip supply. The crux of their dispute lies in the interpretation of technology licensing fees. While Apple favors a percentage based on Qualcomm modems within iPhones, Qualcomm insists on a value tied to the entire device.

Drawing attention to similarities between the iPhone X and Palm Pre’s interface, Qualcomm contends that Apple’s latest flagship emulates the Pre’s distinctive “card-based multitasking system.” This narrative underscores the intricate dynamics at play between these tech giants.The ongoing legal dispute between two tech giants took an unexpected turn recently. Apple and Qualcomm, known for their clashes over patents and technology licensing fees, are now delving into the past for ammunition. Qualcomm, in its latest move, has resurrected patents acquired from Palm, including those related to the iconic Palm Pre smartphone.


  1. What is the legal battle between Apple and Qualcomm about?
    The legal battle centers around patents and technology licensing fees, with both companies accusing each other of infringements and unfair practices.

  2. Why is Qualcomm bringing up Palm Pre in the lawsuit against Apple?
    Qualcomm acquired patents from Palm, including technology used in the Palm Pre, which it is now leveraging in the lawsuit against Apple.

  3. What are the specific complaints Qualcomm has filed against Apple?
    Qualcomm has filed complaints relating to 16 additional patents against Apple, seeking a ban on the iPhone X among other demands.

  4. What is the dispute over technology licensing fees between Apple and Qualcomm?
    Apple believes the fees should be based on the Qualcomm modem’s percentage in the iPhone, while Qualcomm argues for a percentage based on the phone’s total value.

  5. How is Qualcomm claiming that Apple has infringed its patents?
    Qualcomm alleges that Apple’s iPhone X features mimic technologies from the Palm Pre, such as multitasking interfaces and camera autofocus capabilities.

  6. What is the significance of Qualcomm’s acquisition of patents from Palm in this legal battle?
    Qualcomm’s ownership of Palm’s patents adds a historical dimension to the lawsuit and strengthens its claims against Apple.

  7. How has the tech industry responded to the Apple vs. Qualcomm legal battle?
    Tech commentators have highlighted the complexities and implications of the legal dispute between two major players in the industry.

  8. What role did Palm play in the development of smartphone technology?
    Palm, known for its innovative devices like the Palm Pre, contributed to the evolution of smartphone features and interfaces.

  9. What are the potential outcomes of the legal battle between Apple and Qualcomm?
    The legal battle could lead to significant changes in how technology companies negotiate patents and licensing agreements in the future.

  10. What are the implications of Qualcomm’s complaints for the smartphone market as a whole?
    Qualcomm’s complaints against Apple could impact not only the two companies involved but also the broader smartphone market and industry practices.

  11. How has the Palm brand evolved over the years and what is its current status?
    The journey of the Palm brand, from its acquisition by Hewlett-Packard to its current use by TCL, reflects the shifting landscape of the tech industry.

  12. What is the latest update on the legal proceedings between Apple and Qualcomm?
    For the most recent developments and updates on the legal battle, stay tuned to reputable tech news sources for ongoing coverage.


The legal tussle between Apple and Qualcomm has taken a nostalgic turn with Qualcomm invoking patents from the Palm era in its latest complaints against Apple. This move adds a historical backdrop to the already complex legal battle over technology licensing fees and patent infringements. As two industry giants continue to spar, the implications of their legal showdown extend beyond their individual interests to potentially reshape industry practices and standards.

If you want to stay informed about the latest updates and outcomes of this legal battle, keep an eye on reputable tech news sources for in-depth analysis and ongoing coverage. Stay engaged with the evolving narrative of this high-stakes clash between Apple and Qualcomm as it unfolds in the dynamic landscape of technology and innovation.