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Attention all iOS enthusiasts! Brace yourself for the ultimate guide to unlocking the hidden wonders of your Notes app with iOS 11. Apple has been quietly transforming this digital notepad into a formidable Evernote rival, armed with an arsenal of features that will make your note-taking experience a breeze. Get ready to delve into our treasure trove of tips and tricks, courtesy of AnyTimeSoftcare, and elevate your note-taking game to the next level.## Tables

Create Tables

  • Tap the table icon above the keyboard.
  • Select a 2×2 table.

Add or Delete Rows/Columns

  • Tap a border of the table.
  • A button appears next to the desired row or column.
  • Choose “Add” or “Delete” from the button menu.

Edit Text

  • Once the table is created, enter or modify text as usual.## Text Editing Enhancements in Notes

Embrace the Power of Monospaced Text

With the introduction of iOS 11, the Notes app empowers you with monospaced text editing capabilities. This feature is particularly beneficial for programming code, terminal commands, and any scenario where uniform spacing is essential.

Harness the Symphony of Text Editing Tools

The expanded text editing toolkit within Notes now features a comprehensive suite of options. Unleash your creativity with bold, italics, and the familiar tools for crafting meticulously organized lists. Transform your notes into structured masterpieces that convey your ideas with clarity and precision.

Intuitive Access to Text Editing Controls

Effortlessly access the full spectrum of text editing controls by tapping the redesigned “Aa” button. This centralized hub grants you instant command over various text formatting options, enabling you to effortlessly enhance your notes with a few simple taps.Scan Documents with Ease Using Notes App in iOS 11

If you’re an avid note-taker, rejoice! The iOS 11 Notes app now empowers you with an integrated document scanning feature that will revolutionize your note-taking experience. Let’s delve into how to harness this ingeniously designed tool:

  1. Access the Notes App: Embark on your scanning journey by launching the Notes app on your iOS 11 device.

  2. Create or Select a Note: Determine whether you wish to create a new note or enhance an existing one. Tap the “+” button to initiate a fresh note or select an existing one from your virtual notepad.

  3. Initiate the Scanning Process: Locate the omnipresent “+” button, unleash the “Scan Documents” feature, and prepare to capture the essence of your physical documents.

  4. Align the Document: Position your device strategically over the document, ensuring proper alignment within the scanning frame.

  5. Capture the Document: With a simple tap, witness the seamless conversion of your physical document into a crisp digital copy.

  6. Utilize the Apple Pencil (iPad Pro Only): For those fortunate enough to possess an iPad Pro, the Apple Pencil becomes your agile ally in annotating or signing scanned documents.

  7. Preserve and Access: Your scanned documents are conveniently stored within the Notes database, providing instant accessibility whenever the need arises.

Remember, this extraordinary feature is a testament to the unwavering commitment to empower individuals with cutting-edge solutions. Embrace it today and elevate your note-taking experience to unprecedented heights!

Drag and Drop Functionality

Enhance Your Note-Taking Experience with Drag and Drop:

As an iPad user, you now have the power to elevate your note-taking efficiency by utilizing the groundbreaking drag and drop functionality. Effortlessly highlight text or select a photo, and with a simple drag, seamlessly transfer it into the Notes app. No longer bound by the constraints of copy and paste, you can effortlessly integrate content from any source into your notes.

Drag and Drop Within the Notes App:

The drag and drop functionality extends beyond external sources. You can now effortlessly rearrange and organize your notes within the Notes app itself. Simply drag and drop notes to create a cohesive and organized workspace. This intuitive feature streamlines your note-taking process, allowing you to quickly and easily create comprehensive and well-structured notes.

Seamless Integration:

The drag and drop functionality seamlessly integrates with other applications on your iPad. This enables you to effortlessly transfer text, images, and other content from other apps into your Notes app. By eliminating the need for multiple steps, drag and drop empowers you to swiftly capture and organize your ideas and data, fostering a more efficient and productive note-taking experience.Paper Options in iOS Notes

iOS Notes has introduced a range of paper layouts to enhance your note-taking experience. Access these designs by tapping the Share button while editing a note. In the bottom row of the share sheet, you’ll find the “Lines & Grids” icon.

Available Paper Types:

  • Blank: A minimalist option that offers a clean, distraction-free canvas.
  • Grid: A dotted grid ideal for sketching, planning, and organizing ideas.
  • Dotted: A subtle background of evenly spaced dots, providing light guidance for your writing.
  • Lined: Traditional horizontal lines for structured note-taking and handwriting practice.
  • Narrow Lined: Finer horizontal lines, suitable for smaller handwriting or compact notes.
  • Wide Lined: Wider horizontal lines, ideal for larger handwriting or adding drawings and diagrams.

Customizing Your Notes:

Once you’ve selected a paper type, your notes will adopt the new design. You can experiment with different options to find the one that best complements your writing style and organizational needs.

Benefits of Paper Customization:

  • Enhanced Visual Appeal: The new paper designs add variety and aesthetic appeal to your notes.
  • Improved Organization: Grid and dotted paper can help you structure your thoughts and ideas.
  • Personalized Experience: Choose the paper type that resonates with your personal preferences and writing habits.
  • Increased Focus: A distraction-free blank paper can improve your concentration.
  • Enhanced Creativity: Dotted and grid paper provide a foundation for sketching, brainstorming, and imaginative writing.## Control Center

Reimagine Your Workflow: Enhance Productivity with Control Center

Gone are the days of cumbersome menus and endless tapping. iOS 11 introduces a revolutionary Control Center that seamlessly integrates shortcuts to apps and services, including the indispensable Notes app.

Unlock Instant Note-Taking from Your Lock Screen

With the Notes shortcut in your Control Center, inspiration can strike at any moment. Simply swipe up from the lock screen to access the Notes app, ready to capture fleeting thoughts, jot down important reminders, or compile quick lists.

Customize Your Note-Taking Experience

Tailor the Note-Taking shortcut to your preferences. You can choose to create a new note each time you access it from the lock screen or resume working on the last note you were editing. To adjust this setting and unlock the full potential of the shortcut, navigate to Settings > Notes > Access Notes from Lock Screen.

Table: Key Settings for Note-Taking Customization

Setting Description
Create New Note Creates a new note every time you access Notes from the lock screen.
Resume Last Note Opens the last note you were editing when you access Notes from the lock screen.

Seamless Integration for Enhanced Productivity

The seamlessly integrated Notes shortcut empowers you to capture ideas, organize tasks, and jot down notes with unparalleled efficiency. Whether you’re in a meeting, on the go, or simply brainstorming, the Control Center shortcut keeps your thoughts organized and accessible at your fingertips.

By embracing the innovative features of iOS 11’s Control Center, you can unlock a new level of productivity and streamline your workflow like never before.## Gestures

Your notes list now offers additional options when you swipe left or right on an individual entry:

  • Swipe Right: Pin the note to the top of the list.

  • Swipe Left: Access options to lock, move, or delete the note.

These enhancements provide convenient access to essential note management tasks, allowing you to prioritize, secure, and organize your notes with ease. By implementing these intuitive gestures, you can streamline your workflow and optimize your note-taking experience.## FAQs

1. How can I share notes with others?
Tap the Share button and choose a method for sharing, such as email, message, or social media.

2. Can I add images and videos to notes?
Yes, you can add photos and videos from your camera or library by tapping the camera icon in the toolbar.

3. How do I create a checklist?
Type “-” or “*” and press Space to create a checkbox. Type your items and press Return to create a new checkbox.

4. Can I customize the look of my notes?
Yes, you can choose from various paper styles and note themes. Tap the Share button and select Lines & Grids to change the background design.

5. How do I scan documents in the Notes app?
In a note, tap the plus icon and select Scan Documents. Position your device over the document and tap the shutter button to scan.

6. Can I attach voice recordings to notes?
Yes, tap the microphone icon in the toolbar to start recording an audio note.

7. How do I pin a note to the top of the list?
Swipe right on the note in the notes list and tap Pin.

8. Can I search through my notes?
Yes, tap the magnifying glass icon in the toolbar to search for specific notes or keywords.

9. How do I share a note with myself?
Tap the Share button and choose Notes. This creates a copy of the note in your iCloud account.

10. Can I lock notes to add an extra layer of security?
Yes, swipe left on the note in the notes list and tap Lock. You will need to use your Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode to unlock the note.

11. How do I recover a deleted note?
Deleted notes are moved to the Recently Deleted folder. Tap the Back arrow in the top-left corner and select Recently Deleted.

12. Can I use the Notes app on my Mac or Windows PC?
Yes, you can access your notes via or through the Notes app included on macOS and Windows 10 devices.


iOS 11 brings significant upgrades to the Notes app, transforming it into a powerful and versatile note-taking solution. Notable features include:

  • Table support: Easily create and edit tables to organize data.
  • Advanced text editing: Access monospaced text and various formatting options for lists, bolding, italics, and more.
  • Document scanning: Scan and add physical documents to your notes.
  • Drag and drop: Drag text and photos into notes for seamless integration.
  • Paper type customization: Choose from six new background designs to personalize your notes.
  • Control Center shortcut: Access Notes quickly from the lock screen via the Control Center.
  • Enhanced gestures: Pin, lock, move, and delete notes with swipe gestures.
  • Quick draw: Start writing or drawing with your Apple Pencil without activating draw mode.

These features empower users to create, organize, and share notes with greater efficiency and convenience. Upgrade your note-taking experience today by exploring the new features of the iOS 11 Notes app.