Discover the Hidden Gems of Your Galaxy Note 10 Experience

Behold, the Galaxy Note 10 series, a technological marvel that’s more than just a phone. AnyTimeSoftcare presents you with a treasure trove of hidden features, ready to unlock your device’s full potential and empower you with exceptional capabilities. From the moment you lay your hands on this masterpiece, embark on a journey of discovery, mastering every secret it holds.

Prepare to elevate your Note 10 experience to unprecedented heights. Whether you’re a seasoned user or a newcomer, these hidden gems will transform your daily interactions with your device, making them more intuitive, efficient, and entertaining than ever before.## Use Raise to Wake: Unlock Your Phone Effortlessly

Why Use Raise to Wake?

Avoid the unnecessary hassle of pressing a button to wake your phone. Enable the “Lift to wake” feature on your Galaxy S22 series or newer devices, allowing your phone to be ready whenever you pick it up.

How to Enable “Lift to Wake”

Navigate to Settings > Advanced features > Motions and gestures and toggle on “Lift to wake.”

Benefits of Raise to Wake

Upon lifting your phone, the screen seamlessly activates, displaying pending notifications instantly. This intuitive gesture eliminates the need for unnecessary button presses.

Additional Tips

  • Ensure your device’s software is up to date to access the latest features.
  • If your phone is in a case, the sensitivity of the accelerometer may be affected, requiring you to adjust your lifting motion.
  • Combine “Lift to wake” with other gestures, such as “Double tap to wake” for added convenience.


“Lift to wake” is a subtle yet powerful feature that enhances your daily smartphone experience. Eliminate button fatigue and enjoy the effortless convenience of having your phone ready whenever you need it.## Always-on Display on … All the Time?

Imagine owning a smartphone with an “always-on display” feature that remains stubbornly inactive unless you manually tap the screen. Sounds absurd, right? That’s precisely the not-so-always-on display scenario you encounter with the Note 10.

Configure the Always-on Display

To fully utilize this feature, venture into Settings > Lock screen > Always-on display. Here, you can choose from three options:

  • Schedule: Set specific time intervals for the display to remain active.
  • Show at all times: Maintain the display on perpetually.
  • Tap to show: Revert to the default behavior of tapping the screen to activate the display.

Pairing Always-on Display with Lift to Wake

For a seamlessly active experience, combine the always-on display with the Lift to wake feature. This allows your phone to instantly come to life as soon as you pick it up.

The Controversial Nature of Always-on Display

The term “always-on display” implies continuous visibility, but the Note 10’s default behavior contradicts this notion. Critics argue that an always-on display should remain active at all times, eliminating the need for manual activation. However, this debate remains unresolved, with proponents favoring energy efficiency while detractors prioritize instant accessibility.

Additional Considerations for Always-on Display

  • Battery life: Continuous display activity can impact battery life.
  • Screen burn-in: Prolonged static content on the display can lead to screen burn-in.
  • Customization: Always-on display offers customizable options for clock styles, notifications, and more.

    A Comprehensive Guide to Customizing Your Lock Screen Shortcuts

Unlock the power of your lock screen by personalizing its shortcuts to suit your needs. This guide will empower you to modify both the app shortcuts and their placement to streamline your device usage.

Changing Default App Shortcuts

Navigate to Settings > Lock Screen > App Shortcuts to alter the default camera and phone app shortcuts. Select your preferred apps from the available options.

Floating Button Option

For a more convenient access, you can opt for the Floating Button feature. This places the app icons adjacent to the fingerprint sensor upon a long-press. Simply drag and drop your finger to the desired app to launch it directly.

Alternative Shortcut Layout

Below the layout section in the App Shortcuts menu, you’ll find options to customize the left and right shortcut positions. Choose the arrangement that best aligns with your usage habits.

Floating Button Usage

When using the Floating Button setting, follow these steps:

  1. Place your finger on the fingerprint sensor and hold.
  2. After a brief delay, the app icons will appear.
  3. Drag your finger to the desired app and release to launch it.

Additional Tips

  • This shortcut works exclusively from the lock screen; it does not function on the always-on display.
  • Utilize Bixby to perform actions such as turning off or restarting your device, ensuring effortless control even without unlocking your phone.

    Restart Your Phone with Your Voice – Unlocking the Power of Bixby


Samsung’s innovative design for the Note 10 has introduced a unique twist to the traditional power button functionality. Instead of powering off or restarting the device, the button now activates Samsung’s intelligent assistant, Bixby. While this may initially be jarring, it also opens up new possibilities for controlling your phone hands-free.

Customizing the Power Button

To address the concerns surrounding the repurposed power button, Samsung has introduced customizable settings. You can now program the button to perform your desired action, such as turning off your phone or launching a specific app.

Restarting Your Phone with Bixby

Even with the customized power button settings, you can still use Bixby to restart your phone. Simply launch Bixby and speak a command such as “Restart my phone” or “Turn off my phone.” Bixby will confirm your request before executing the action.

Benefits of Using Bixby for Phone Management

Utilizing Bixby to restart your phone offers several advantages:

1. Hands-Free Convenience: You can now restart your phone without reaching for the physical button, freeing your hands for other tasks.

2. Reduced Button Wear: Constant use of the physical power button can cause wear and tear over time. By utilizing Bixby, you can extend the button’s lifespan.

3. Enhanced Accessibility: For individuals with limited mobility or physical impairments, using voice commands to restart the phone provides increased accessibility and ease of use.


Samsung’s decision to remap the power button initially raised concerns, but the customizable settings and integration with Bixby provide a compelling solution. By using Bixby to restart your phone, you can enjoy the convenience of hands-free operation, reduce button wear, and enhance accessibility. Embrace the power of Bixby and unlock new possibilities for controlling your Note 10.

Reprogramming the Side Key for App Access

Make your Note 10’s side key work for you. Don’t settle for its default functions; customize it to open any app you desire.

Steps to Reprogram the Side Key:

  1. Navigate to your phone’s Settings app.
  2. Select “Advanced features” followed by “Side key.”
  3. Under the “Double press” command, choose “Open app.”
  4. Choose the app you want to open with a double press of the side key.

Tips for Effective Reprogramming:

  • Consider your most frequently used apps: Which app would be most convenient to access with a quick keystroke?
  • Choose an app that aligns with your lifestyle: For example, if you’re a fitness enthusiast, setting the side key to open a workout tracker might be beneficial.
  • Experiment with different apps: Don’t be afraid to try out different apps until you find the perfect match for your needs.

By following these steps, you can unlock the full potential of your Note 10’s side key. Say goodbye to the limitations of the default settings and embrace the convenience of personalized app access.## Use Multiple S Pens

Envision yourself at your desk, armed with a spare S Pen, eager to unleash your creativity without the interruptions of removing the S Pen nestled within your Note 10. By navigating to Settings > Advanced features > S Pen, you’ll discover the Use multiple S Pens toggle. Enable this feature to grant yourself the versatility of sketching upon your Note 10 with an alternative S Pen, even when your primary S Pen resides inside the device.

Just beneath the toggle, a gentle reminder emerges, cautioning that engaging this feature may hasten the depletion of your Note 10’s battery. Consider this information wisely before proceeding.

Benefits of Using Multiple S Pens:

  • Uninterrupted creativity: No longer will you be hindered by the need to detach and reattach your S Pen, enabling seamless transitions between devices.
  • Enhanced productivity: With access to multiple S Pens, multitasking becomes effortless, allowing you to juggle note-taking, sketching, and navigation with unparalleled efficiency.
  • Personalized experiences: Each S Pen can be customized to suit your unique preferences, granting you an array of options tailored to your individual needs.


  • Battery drain: As mentioned earlier, utilizing multiple S Pens may result in a more rapid decline in your Note 10’s battery life.
  • Compatibility: Ensure that the additional S Pens you intend to use are compatible with your Note 10 model to avoid any potential compatibility issues.## Record Your Screen and Yourself for Effective Communication

Master Screen Recording with Cutting-Edge Features

With the advancement of mobile technology, screen recording has become an indispensable tool for communication and knowledge sharing. The Note 10 excels in this arena, empowering you to capture and present on-screen content with remarkable ease and sophistication.

Customizable Settings for Optimal Recordings:

Before embarking on your screen recording adventures, delve into the Screen Recorder Settings under Advanced Features in your device’s settings. Here, you can personalize your recordings to suit your specific needs:

  • Select Audio Source: Choose to mute audio entirely, record solely from the phone, or capture both microphone and system audio for a comprehensive recording.
  • Set Video Quality: Optimize the resolution of your recordings for different purposes, from quick captures to high-definition presentations.
  • Adjust Selfie Overlay: If you opt to include a video of yourself while recording, precisely adjust the size and placement of your selfie window for a seamless and engaging presentation.

Initiating Screen Recording:

With your settings configured, screen recording is a breeze. Simply swipe down from the top of your screen and locate the Screen Recorder icon in the quick settings panel. To commence recording, simply tap on the icon.

Advanced Tools for Enhanced Recordings:

Once recording, a toolbar appears at the top of your screen, providing you with an array of tools to enhance your recordings:

  • Drawing Tool: Annotate your recordings with notes, arrows, or sketches for greater clarity.
  • Selfie Camera: Capture your reactions and commentary alongside the screen recording for a truly immersive experience.
  • Stop Recording: Conclude your recording seamlessly with the touch of a button.

Beyond Screen Recording: Explore Smart Select

While not a novel feature, Smart Select deserves recognition for its utility in capturing and sharing specific sections of your screen. With just a simple swipe, you can grab images, text, or videos for quick and convenient collaboration.

Remember, effective communication is not just about conveying information but also about engaging your audience. By utilizing the screen recording and Smart Select features of the Note 10, you can effortlessly create compelling content that resonates with your viewers.## Take Better Screenshots

Capture precisely what you need with your S Pen’s Smart Select feature. Upon removing the S Pen from your smartphone, a menu appears; select Smart Select.

Customization Tools

The customizable toolbar beneath the screen provides various options for screenshot customization:

  • Crop Tool: Select a square or rectangle shape for your screenshot.
  • Cloud: Draw freely to capture oddly shaped areas.
  • Circle: Create a circular screenshot.
  • GIF: Record a portion of your screen to generate an animated image.

Pinned Screenshots

Use the square icon with a thumbtack to capture and pin an image to your display. This feature is particularly useful for quick reference while completing forms or writing emails. Simply capture the screenshot, pin it, and delete it when finished.

Tailored to Your Needs

Share your unique and indispensable Note 10 features in the comments section. For comprehensive information, explore our detailed review of the Note 10 Plus and marvel at its exceptional night mode camera capabilities.## FAQs

  1. How do I take a screenshot on my Note 10?

    • Press the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously.
    • Use the Smart Select feature with the S Pen to capture specific sections of the screen.
  2. How do I turn off my Note 10 without the power button?

    • Use Bixby voice commands: “Turn off my phone” or “Restart my phone.”
    • Reprogram the Side Key to turn off the phone in Settings > Advanced Features > Side Key.
  3. Can I use multiple S Pens with my Note 10?

    • Yes, enable the “Use multiple S Pens” option in Settings > Advanced Features > S Pen.
  4. How do I record my screen with the Note 10?

    • Swipe down from the top of the screen and select Screen Recorder from Quick Settings.
    • Customize recording settings in Settings > Advanced Features > Screenshots and Screen Recorder > Screen Recorder Settings.
  5. How do I use the “Lift to Wake” feature?

    • Enable “Lift to wake” in Settings > Advanced Features > Motions and Gestures.
  6. How do I change the app shortcuts on the lock screen?

    • Go to Settings > Lock Screen > App Shortcuts and select the desired apps.
  7. Can I change the function of the Side Key?

    • Yes, in Settings > Advanced Features > Side Key, set the double-press command to open any app.
  8. How do I take a screenshot with a specific shape?

    • Use the Smart Select feature with the S Pen and choose the desired shape: Crop, Cloud (freehand), Circle, or GIF.
  9. How do I pin a screenshot to my display?

    • Capture a screenshot using Smart Select and choose the square icon with the thumbtack.
  10. How do I use the Note 10’s night mode camera?

    • Open the Camera app and tap on the Night mode icon.
  11. How do I improve the battery life of my Note 10?

    • Use battery saver modes, turn off or dim the Always-On Display, and adjust brightness and screen timeout settings.
  12. Where can I find more tips and tricks for my Note 10?

    • Visit the Samsung website or check out online forums dedicated to the device.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus boasts an excellent display, long battery life, and enhanced S Pen features. This comprehensive guide highlights 12 hidden features that can enhance your Note 10 experience even further:

  • Raise to Wake: Wake your phone with a simple lift.
  • Always-On Display 24/7: Keep your important notifications always visible.
  • Customized Lock Screen Shortcuts: Access your favorite apps from the lock screen.
  • Remapped Side Key: Assign the Side Key to launch any app.
  • Multiple S Pen Support: Use multiple S Pens for convenience.
  • Screen Recording with Selfie Overlay: Capture your screen and face simultaneously.
  • Enhanced Screenshots with Smart Select: Take screenshots of specific screen areas or create animated GIFs.
  • Pinned Screenshots for Reference: Keep screenshots on display for quick reference.

For more tips and tricks, visit the Samsung website or connect with other Note 10 users online.