Unveiling the Android 11 Revolution

Prepare to witness a technological leap as Android 11 graces your smartphones. AnyTimeSoftcare.com delves into the transformative features that will redefine your mobile experience, elevating it beyond anything you’ve known before.

Google’s mobile masterpiece empowers you with a symphony of innovations, from seamlessly integrating third-party apps to empowering Google Assistant with unparalleled capabilities. Discover the arsenal of crucial enhancements that will propel Android 11 to the forefront of the smartphone arena.## Google Assistant Expands Compatibility to Third-Party Apps

Empowering Android Users with Enhanced Functionality

Google Assistant, the trusted virtual assistant on Android devices, has extended its capabilities to seamlessly integrate with an array of third-party applications. This groundbreaking development empowers you to effortlessly command a wider range of actions on your smartphone, unlocking unprecedented convenience and efficiency.

Android users have long enjoyed the versatility of Google Assistant in managing core smartphone functions, such as checking emails, sending messages, and controlling device settings. However, the assistant’s functionality was previously limited to Google’s own apps and services. In a strategic move, Google has now bridged this gap by forging partnerships with leading third-party apps.

Expanding the Ecosystem: A Collaborative Approach

Google’s collaboration with 30 renowned third-party apps, including Walmart, Mint, Spotify, Etsy, and Discord, marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Google Assistant. This partnership-driven approach ensures that you can now seamlessly execute a myriad of tasks within these specific apps using simple voice commands.

Example Usage: Precision at Your Command

For Android 11 users, the enhanced functionality of Google Assistant opens up a world of possibilities. You can now accomplish specific actions on specific apps with remarkable precision. For instance:

  • “Hey Google, ask Walmart to add milk to my shopping cart.”
  • “Hey Google, have Mint track my expenses for this month.”
  • “Hey Google, play my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify.”

Addressing a Key Gap: Leveling the Playing Field

With this strategic move, Google has effectively addressed a key limitation that previously existed in comparison to Apple’s Siri virtual assistant. Siri has long boasted the ability to control a diverse range of third-party apps, providing Apple users with a more comprehensive experience. Google’s decision to expand Google Assistant’s compatibility ensures that Android users can now enjoy similar levels of functionality.

Continued Expansion: A Promise of Even Greater Convenience

Google has expressed its commitment to further expand Google Assistant’s compatibility with third-party apps in the near future. This ongoing effort underscores the company’s dedication to delivering a truly seamless and empowering experience for its users.

Empowering You with the Best of Both Worlds

The integration of third-party apps with Google Assistant represents a transformative step forward for Android users. It combines the best of both worlds: the convenience and efficiency of voice commands with the vast ecosystem of popular and specialized applications. This convergence empowers you to maximize your productivity, access valuable information, and manage your daily tasks with unprecedented ease.

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Enjoy the Power of Google Assistant’s Expanded Compatibility!## Verified Calls: Know Who’s Calling, Every Time

Imagine this: Your phone rings, and instead of a frustrating guessing game, you know precisely who’s on the other line. That’s the power of Verified Calls, a feature that’s revolutionizing the way you receive calls.

How Verified Calls Works

Verified Calls empowers you with the ability to identify callers, even if their number is unfamiliar. Just like iPhones, your Android device now benefits from this groundbreaking technology. It operates on two levels:

  • Spam Filtering: Google’s advanced algorithms shield you from unwanted calls, silencing those pesky spammers who plague us all.

  • Verified Calls Feature: For authorized businesses, Verified Calls goes the extra mile. It displays the company’s name, logo, and purpose for reaching out. A verification symbol adds an extra layer of credibility.

Enhanced Text Messaging with Verified SMS

The benefits of verification extend beyond voice calls. Verified SMS empowers you with the ability to recognize genuine text messages, ensuring you don’t miss out on important updates or fall victim to fraudulent schemes.

Benefits of Verified Calls and Verified SMS

  • Protection from spam: Say goodbye to annoying and potentially dangerous spam calls.

  • Caller identification: Know who’s reaching out, whether it’s a trusted business or a stranger.

  • Peace of mind: Eliminate uncertainty and worry about who’s on the other end of the line.

  • Enhanced communication: Stay informed with Verified SMS, ensuring you don’t miss important messages.

How to Activate Verified Calls

Activating Verified Calls is a breeze. Simply update your Android phone’s calling app to the latest version. Once installed, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing who’s calling before you answer.


Verified Calls and Verified SMS represent a significant leap forward in communication technology. By empowering you with the knowledge of who’s contacting you and why, they create a safer and more informed calling experience. Embrace these features today and revolutionize the way you connect with others.## Android’s Sound Notifications: Enhancing Accessibility and Safety


Android’s latest feature, Sound Notifications, addresses the challenge of missing auditory cues for individuals with hearing loss or those wearing headphones. This innovative solution leverages your phone’s microphone and machine learning to convert ambient sounds into push notifications, keeping you informed about your surroundings.

Benefits for Individuals with Hearing Loss

Sound Notifications provides an invaluable assistive technology for those with impaired hearing. By transforming potentially missed sounds into visual notifications, this feature empowers these individuals to remain actively engaged with their environment.

Convenience for Everyone

Even if your hearing is unimpaired, Sound Notifications offers convenience and peace of mind. Whether you’re engrossed in a movie or wearing headphones in a noisy environment, you can stay aware of important sounds such as:

  • Running water
  • Smoke and fire alarms
  • Appliance beeps
  • Door knocks
  • Baby noises

Comparison with iOS’s Sound Recognition

Apple’s iOS 14 also offers a similar feature called Sound Recognition. Both systems rely on machine learning to detect predefined sounds, but Android’s Sound Notifications feature has the advantage of being built into the Accessibility menu, ensuring easy access for users with disabilities.

Enabling Sound Notifications

Activating Sound Notifications in Android 11 is simple:

  • Open the Settings app
  • Navigate to Accessibility
  • Enable Sound Notifications


Android’s Sound Notifications feature revolutionizes accessibility and safety by translating auditory cues into visual notifications. This innovative solution empowers individuals with hearing loss and provides peace of mind for everyone. By seamlessly integrating with your Android device, Sound Notifications ensures that you never miss an important sound, keeping you connected to your surroundings and enhancing your daily life.

Google TV Comes to Android Devices

Android TV, after a recent rebranding and update, has launched Google TV for Android devices, offering a plethora of enhanced and legacy features that synchronize across your devices, including your recommendations, watchlist, and library, placing it on par with Apple TV devices and applications.

Unifying Your Streaming Experience

The integration of Google TV on Android devices brings about a significant advantage: the ability to seamlessly search across a wide array of streaming subscriptions, including Netflix, Hulu, and live TV. By leveraging voice commands such as “Hey, Google, find action movies” or “show me sci-fi adventure TV shows,” you can access a comprehensive list of results encompassing your various subscriptions, offering a streamlined and personalized entertainment experience.

Google Duo Adds Screen Sharing and Video Voicemails

Enhance Your Communication with Google Duo

Google Duo, the popular mobile-only video calling service, has introduced novel features to enhance your communication experience: screen sharing and captioned video voicemails. These additions surpass Apple’s FaceTime, providing you with more versatile ways to connect.

Screen Sharing: Share Your Moments Instantly

During a video call, effortlessly share your screen by tapping the three dots in the bottom right corner and selecting “Screen Share.” A confirmation prompt will appear, ensuring that you’re comfortable sharing sensitive information. Simply tap “Start Now” to begin.

Video Voicemails: Leave Meaningful Messages

If a call goes unanswered for 60 seconds or you wish to leave a message, tap “Leave a video message” while the call is still ringing. Follow the on-screen prompts to record your message, which will be automatically captioned.

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Table: Key Features of Google Duo’s New Features

Feature Description
Screen Sharing Share your live screen during video calls
Video Voicemails with Captions Leave video messages that are automatically transcribed

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1. What’s new in Android 11?

  • Deeper integration with third-party apps for Google Assistant
  • Verified Calls feature identifies callers and businesses
  • Sound Notifications uses sound detection for push alerts
  • Google TV brings cross-provider search and recommendations

2. How can I control third-party apps with Google Assistant?

  • Say specific commands, such as “Hey Google, play a song on Spotify” or “Hey Google, send a message on WhatsApp.”

3. How do I use Verified Calls?

  • This feature is enabled by default and will show you the business name, logo, and verification symbol when a business calls.

4. How can I enable Sound Notifications?

  • Go to Settings > Accessibility > Sound Notifications and turn it on.

5. What’s different about the rebranded Google TV?

  • Cross-provider search for movies and shows, improved recommendations, and device sync.

6. What are the new features in Google Duo?

  • Screen sharing during video calls
  • Video voicemails with automatic captions

7. How do I leave a video message in Google Duo?

  • Wait for the call to go unanswered for 60 seconds or press “Leave a video message” during ringing.

8. What is the purpose of the Action Blocks app?

  • This app enables users with speech disabilities to convey phrases using pictures and symbols.

9. Can I use Sound Notifications to detect smoke alarms?

  • Yes, it can detect smoke and fire alarms, along with nine other types of sounds.

10. How do I share my screen during a Google Duo call?

  • Tap the three dots in the bottom right corner during a call and select “Screen Share.”

11. What is the difference between Verified Calls and Verified SMS?

  • Verified Calls identifies businesses and displays caller information, while Verified SMS authenticates text messages from businesses.

12. Can I use Apple’s Siri to control third-party apps?

  • Yes, Siri has had the ability to control third-party apps for some time now.


Android 11 brings a host of new features that enhance your smartphone experience. The integration of Google Assistant with third-party apps allows for greater control and convenience. Additionally, Verified Calls ensures that you know who is calling and why, while Sound Notifications provides alerts for various sounds around you.

Google TV unifies your entertainment experience by providing cross-provider search and recommendations. Google Duo enhances communication with screen sharing and video voicemails. The Action Blocks app empowers individuals with speech disabilities.

Experience these innovations by updating your Android device to the latest version. For more insights into Android 11, visit the official Android website.